Fall Protection Inspection and Care, what you don’t know can hurt you

Wind Turbines can be a dirty environment full of various kinds of oils, paints, solvents, and lubricants.  Daily inspection for obvious wear and tear like cuts and rips are normal but what about the dirt, oil and other contaminants that can get on the product, are we paying attention to the less obvious hazards? In

October 2016 issue: First Annual Offshore Issue

U.S. offshore wind industry officially launched. Now what? What’s the difference between a U.S. wind farm and one in Europe? This may sound like the lead-in to a joke, but the question is serious and comes from a wind-industry veteran at a recent AWEA event. The answer: Everything! In Europe, a land-based wind farm often

Webinar: Engineering Solutions To Wind Turbine Electronic Failures

This webinar was originally broadcast on October 11, 2016. Did you realize that 50% of wind turbine repairs are connected to electronic component failures? The emphasis on improving uptime in the wind industry has been a major topic of discussion at fleet engineering meetings, workshops, AWEA conferences, as well as board room and investor meetings. As a

Webinar: Weathering and Performance of Leading Edge Protection

    Leading Edge Erosion is a severe problem in the wind market. Many factors affect the performance of an effective leading edge protection. In this webinar you will learn some of the key weathering factors that affect the performance of Leading Edge Protection. You will also get an overview of how to evaluate and

Cost Benefit Analysis and Argument in Favor of Replacement of Mechanical Turbine Control Wind Sensors – Transcript

This is the unedited transcript for webinar: Cost Benefit Analysis and Argument in Favor of Replacement of Mechanical Turbine Control Wind Sensors. Click here to watch the webinar on demand.    Paul: Well, hello everyone. Thank you for joining us for today’s webinar, Cost Benefit Analysis and an Argument in Favor of Replacing Mechanical Turbine

Transcript: Power Performance Measurements: Cheaper Faster Better

This is a transcript from the webinar Power Performance Measurements: Cheaper Faster Better. Click here to watch the full webinar. Paul : Hello, everyone. Welcome to this wind power engineering and development webinar, Power Performance Measurements: Cheaper, Faster, and Better. I’m your host, Paul Dvorak, editor of Wind Power Engineering and Developments magazine. Thank you for joining

Webinar: Increasing uptime and lowering LCOE through strategic planning

    The relationship between the OEM, supplier and operator has never been transparent in the wind industry. Operators have historically used suppliers recommended by the OEM or only purchased solely based on price, because the failure rates of the components and gearbox are not typically disclosed. Sentient knows those failure rates and has been

April 2016 issue: Innovators & influencers issue, WINDPOWER 2016 + more

02 EDITORIAL Why can’t some utilities just work with the wind industry? 08 WINDWATCH Preview of WINDPOWER 2016 in New Orleans, Wikov gears, Guard for leading-edge erosion, Making construction, sustainable work, Ask a wind tech, Windwork around North America 40 INTERNET OF THINGS Talking with turbines through the Internet of Things   Why can’t Ohio

Webinar: Blade Maintenance: Observations from the Field and Practical Solutions

Wind turbines and their blades represent a substantial investment for any renewable energy project. In this webinar, learn how our experienced blade service technicians use field knowledge to combat issues such as blade erosion and lightning damage. We will provide you with the knowledge of how a comprehensive blade inspection and repair plan can increase

February 2016 issue: Leadership in Wind, improve lube seals, rise of renewables + more

01 EDITORIAL Showing Leadership in wind 06 WINDWATCH VariLoad, Fugro Trenching, 2015 leadership winners, Wind work around North America 14 COMPONENTS How a coil spring improves lube seals 18 RELIABILITY Building a framework for better floating wind systems 22 BOLTING Is a maintenance-free bolt connection possible on wind turbines? 26 FINANCE Rise of renewables spells