Monitor pumps water from transformer oil, warns of spills

The SEEwater Wind Turbine Transformer Oil Containment System provides oil spill monitoring for electric utilities. The Oil Smart System allows pumping water from transformer oil containment areas and underground vaults into waterways and the environment without the risk of pumping oil. The system combines automatic water-pump control along with the high liquid alarm function to

Clean Energy College Sees First Graduates

Ecotech Institute, which says it’s the first and only college entirely focused on preparing America’s workforce for careers in clean technology and sustainability, will hold its first graduation on Thursday, June 21, 2012. Forty-two students will receive their associate’s degrees, which prepares them for a career in the clean technology industry. The graduates will receive

These folks will monitor your wind system for you

S&C Electric Company offers asset monitoring services for critical electric grid equipment in wind projects. These services include PureWave CBM Condition-Based Monitoring for the company’s PureWave family of power quality products. PureWave CBM, powered by AlsoEnergy’s cloud-based software platform, can help equipment owners improve the reliability of their power systems and extend equipment life. Additionally,

Satellite Communicator for Remote Wind Project Locations

The inReach satellite communicator From DeLorme allows cell phone messaging in areas without service. With 90% of the Earth’s surface lacking any cell phone service, inReach is the first affordable communication solution for anyone who works, travels or engages in outdoor activities in off the grid environments. It’s even applicable for techs on wind or solar

AWEA 2012 Show Recap

Despite comments from many attendees saying booth traffic was slow, I think AWEA’s Windpower 2012 was a success. I even have the blisters to prove it. AWEA hosted the show in Atlanta, a major manufacturing hub, and consisted of two huge halls with well over 1,000 exhibitors. The “slow” traffic can be attributed to the state

Michigan composites company exports to Spain

Energetx Composites of Holland, Michigan, is exporting a complete set of 45.3 meter wind blade molds from its Michigan facility. The molds are shipping to Aeroblade, based in Minano, Spain. Energetx Composites is using an identical mold set in its Holland facility to manufacture the same 45.3 meter wind blade for the North American market.

Wind Reliability: Maintenance-free hydraulic accumulators

Wind turbine pitch, yaw, and brake systems use either electric or hydraulic actuation. The hydraulic systems use high-pressure, gas-charged hydraulic accumulators. Typically, either a bladder or a piston accumulator is used. Maintenance-free, metal bellows accumulators can offer an advantage in these applications. A piston accumulator consists of a cylindrical metal body with end caps and

Wind software simplifies simulations of wind blades fast

The top images present the 3D mesh in the FEA program in its global view (white) and a close up of its edge. The bottom 2D mesh was generated in the VABS program. Variation Asymptotical Beam Sectional Analysis (VABS) is an efficient high-fidelity cross-sectional analysis program and a unique tool capable of realistic modeling of

Evaluating 100-m wind blades

Moog Industrial Group will supply a test system to Narec (National Renewable Energy Centre) to evaluate and test wind turbine blades at their new 100 m (328 ft) blade testing facility in Blyth, Northumberland, UK. Opening this summer, the independent facility will be used by manufacturers of turbine blades to test prototype blade designs and

New Wind App: Wind Turbine Cost Model

After previously launching Wind Expert, Michael Blaize is at it again with his new Wind Turbine Cost Model. The app brings a detailed and advanced model to evaluate the cost of any horizontal wind turbines above 750kW. Based on the validated NREL cost model, Wind expert Wind Turbine Cost Model gives an in-depth understanding of