Offshore wind projects take off as technology improves and costs fall

• Improving technology is making offshore wind power an increasingly viable energy source worldwide.

JDR selected as preferred cable supplier for Windfloat Atlantic project

JDR, a supplier of subsea power cables and umbilicals to the global offshore energy industry, has been selected by WindPlus as the preferred cable supplier for the Windfloat Atlantic 25 MW floating wind farm.

Apex Clean Energy celebrates delivery of wind and solar power to Ft Hood, largest RE procurement for U.S. military

Apex Clean Energy (Apex) has celebrated the final delivery of the largest renewable energy project serving the U.S. Army at Fort Hood.

Vaisala partners with DryKeep to enhance transformer moisture monitoring

The MMT162 is a capacitive thin-film polymer sensor, developed by Vaisala to provide moisture measurements in liquid hydrocarbons, including those used to insulate transformers.

IEEFA Europe: The cost of wind-powered electricity is dropping

Onshore wind auctions in Spain and Germany last week confirmed the trend in the falling cost of wind power or renewables in Europe.

How accurate is your wind data? A validated Lidar can tell

The golden Windcubes that can be used as stanadards are calibrated at the Danish Technical University’s Høvsøre test center in Denmark at least once every two years per IEC -12-1:2017 Annex L recommendations.

Improving tower designs for increased hub heights

There are many more nuances to be considered regarding tower design. For example, site conditions and wind speed, noise level, safety, and without a doubt the consistent issue of cost are issues.

Looking for flaws (dross) in turbine hub castings, and more

Foundries for castings make sure they liberally remove all the dross and release only dross-free products for use.

Security cameras, bispectral & thermal, keep an eye on wind construction sites and other areas

The new range of security cameras enables surveillance across vast sites with fewer cameras, with the potential for 360-degree unobstructed field of view and at all times.

How wind economics change as the PTC steps down

Power market factors will become increasingly important to the wind economics going forward as opposed to raw capacity factor.