NGO WindAid reports on its year in Peru

It was certainly a busy year, with more volunteers and interns than ever before: 59, from 21 countries. They built and repaired 17 turbines that together provide energy to an estimated 260 people.

The power behind the Super Bowl

If you’re reading this, chances are you work in the power industry. But when you flip on the first light in the morning or brew your coffee, chances are the electricity that powers those devices isn’t top of mind. That power is a privilege most of us in North America take for granted. Nevertheless, electricity

The future of electricity

We all need the same thing—affordable, sustainable, reliable power, and the demand is growing. The future of electricity is here.

What a Trump presidency means for offshore wind

States have always and will continue, even under this new Administration, to lead on climate change and renewable energy – the federal government can not repeal State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) or any State renewable or offshore wind legislation.

Five reasons to question campaign rhetoric about wind power

We’ve rounded up the top 5 facts that can better inform all candidates about the reality of this popular, homegrown source of electricity.

PTC Safe Harbor Clause: What you do now will benefit you later

Editor’s note: This is a blog post from AWS Truepower’s (AWST), Jeremy Tchou. He is a Senior Project Manager for Due Diligence Services at AWST, renewable energy consultants. The original blog can be read at AWST website here.    Recently, I have been asked more and more about planning and strategy for Production Tax Credit

What would get you into an EV: Cost, incentive, or wind power?

If you aren’t yet behind the wheel of a hybrid or electric vehicle, chances are you will be over the next 10 to 15 years. At least that’s what some experts are predicting. In the next decade or so, reports indicate that electric vehicle (EV) sales will continue to grow in North America (which has led

Reaching retirement: Recycling aging turbine blades

There’s a natural drive in industry to develop bigger and better equipment, and the wind industry is no different. Even the government through the U.S. Department of Energy is funding research for larger wind turbine blades (over 60 meters) that can work on larger turbines to capture more energy. Today’s global wind turbine O&M market

Please stop with the “Enough power for a 30,000 homes” metric

Hence, the number of average homes a wind farm will power is a meaningless figure.

Wind industry challenges are not secrets. Neither should be its benefits

Wind critics seem to find no half-truth too misleading and no benefit too good to ignore.