American Wind Action to launch new wind-energy campaign: True American Power

The American Wind Action (AWA) will launch a federal campaign called “True American Power,” with the goal of educating the public, President Trump, the Administration and Congress on the economic benefits of wind power on American jobs, manufacturing, and rural economies.

AWA will air a series of TV, radio, and digital video ads targeted to these audiences and will be seen and heard across Washington, D.C. over the course of a multi-month, multi-million-dollar campaign.

Wind Turbines

The first “True American Power” ads can be found here:
True American Power – 60
True American Power – 30

“Our new education campaign hopes to show that wind industry is helping power an American manufacturing and job creation boom,” said Sam Enfield and Jeff Clark, Board members of AWA. “Wind power is investing billions in American infrastructure and employing over 100,000 moms, dads, veterans, farmers, engineers, and Americans from all walks of life.”

Enfield and Clark said that it was no surprise that the Department of Labor recently announced that the fastest growing job in America is a wind-turbine technician.

“We are proud to tell our American-success story of providing reliable power for the country and helping rebuild our nation. In the next four years, wind power will invest more than 85 billion dollars in American manufacturing, infrastructure and job training — so we wanted to tell our story,” they added.

For energy consumers, including American industry, wind energy provides power that is cleaner, cheaper, and more predictable. The duo said this dynamic is well understood by some in Washington, but not by those less directly connected to important farm land or rural constituencies.

“Polling show that Americans strongly support an increased use of wind power and understand its impact on local jobs and economic growth,” Enfield and Clark concluded in a joint statement. “Americans also agree that Washington needs to create a path to energy independence. AWA intends to spread this message more broadly among federal legislators and members of the new Administration.”


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