Baumer releases LX VisualApplets industrial cameras with image pre-processing


The use of camera-based image pre-processing enhances application performance, speeds up processing-intensive algorithms, and improves stability and precision of image evaluation by using complex algorithms.

Baumer, manufacturers of precision sensors, has announced series production of LX VisualApplets cameras with integrated image preprocessing. These cameras are capable of image preprocessing in the camera’s FPGA without the need for expensive and complex VHDL programming.

Instead, they use the graphical programming environment VisualApplets, produced by Silicon Software. This makes it easy for non-expert users to define complex algorithms quickly and flexibly, while tailoring the program to their specific application.

LX VisualApplets cameras let users efficiently solve tasks that previously required customer-specific product developments or VisualApplets with a frame grabber.

The use of camera-based image pre-processing will enhance application performance, speed up processing-intensive algorithms (by running them straight in the FPGA), and improve stability and precision of image evaluation by using more complex algorithms. The emphases of image pre-processing are on improved image quality (e.g. noise reduction by image averaging), reduced amount of data (e.g. profile data generated by laser triangulation), or process monitoring tasks (e.g. laser welding process control).

The volume of data to be transmitted and processed can also be reduced, and the PC-based image processing system is relived of the need perform these algorithms, freeing considerable processor power. This allows the use of an interface without a frame grabber. Moreover, the number of system computers can be reduced.

The new LX VisualApplets cameras integrate global shutter CMOS sensors by CMOSIS and a GigE Vision compliant interface. This ensures high sensitivity and excellent image quality, coupled with quick and easy system integration. The cameras are available with 4, 12, and 20 mega-pixel resolutions and up to 74 frames per second sensor speed.

More information on LX VisualApplets industrial cameras is available here. A product tutorial for LX VisualApplets industrial cameras can also be seen here.


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