BÜFA Composite Systems evaluates wind-power market in Brazil


BÜFA Composite Systems’ bonding paste series, BÜFA-Bonding Paste 0110, is used to bond the two shells of the blades.

As a traditional manufacturer of specialties for the composites market, the German company BÜFA Composite Systems has an extensive experience in supplying systems – polyester and vinyl-ester resins, gelcoats, topcoats, and bonding pastes – for the wind power industry.

All this know-how may soon be also available in Brazil, according to Jose Moralejo, regional business manager of the company. “We want to monitor the evolution of the wind sector but, for that, we need surely to expand our internationalization,” he said. “This is one of our main challenges for the upcoming years, and Brazil has a very interesting market, with good growth prospects. In addition, many of our global clients are already producing in the country.”

For wind blades molded with vinyl-ester resins, BÜFA Composite Systems supplies the bonding paste series BÜFA-Bonding Paste 0110. The product is used to bond the two shells of the blades.

“As for polyester nacelles and spinners, we have several certified and accredited products,” explained Moralego. “This is the case, for example, of the series BÜFA-Standard gelcoats and topcoats for indoor and outdoor applications. They have been used for many years by European manufacturers that supply to the main wind-turbines producers.”

Another highlight of BÜFA Composite Systems’ portfolio is the series called BÜFA-Firestop, which is intended for applications that require flame retardant properties. Manufacturers of wind turbines in Europe have been incorporating this type of fire protection in the internal parts of the nacelles, where the generator is located.

“We managed to offer flame retardant protection without changing the mechanical properties of the laminate, the production process of the piece and with a lowest impact on its final cost.”

Today, the wind energy sector consumes approximately 10% of the annual production of BÜFA Composite Systems. According to the company’s regional manager, this share is expected to grow between 5% and 10% annually.

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