JFMS and OMS sign offshore turbine service deal

Providing combined oil management services to the European offshore renewables industry.

JFMS and OMS have joined forces to provide combined oil management services to the European offshore renewables industry.

James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS), a provider of integrated marine services to the offshore renewables industry, announced the signing of an exclusive cooperation agreement with Oil Management and Services (OMS).

The combined and complementary expertise of JFMS and OMS will offer significant benefits to customers in the European offshore renewables industry, with the delivery of full oil lifecycle services — including gearbox and hydraulic oil changes— enhancing the safety and performance of offshore wind turbines.

“This cooperation agreement will enable us to jointly provide turnkey oil management solutions to offshore renewable customers, including oil change, monitoring and maintenance, as well as the safe recycling and disposal of oil,” explained Bruno Martinsen, owner of OMS.

Along with OMS, Martinsen has 10 years’ experience as managing director of one of the leading companies providing oil change services for wind turbines, demonstrating significant experience and expertise in oil management services. OMS was set up to provide holistic solutions for the monitoring, management, and treatment of lubricants.

The company has also developed oil-change handling equipment for on and offshore operations, as well as high-performance pumps, and filtration components.

The cooperation agreement will provide a customer focused oil management service, delivering efficiency, reliability, low maintenance costs, and reduced downtime for offshore wind turbines, supporting the European offshore renewables industry cost-reduction initiative to reduce the cost of megawatt-per-hour for offshore wind.

“Our combined approach further underscores James Fisher’s commitment to providing integrated solutions for the offshore renewables industry through a single contractual interface, and we look forward to working closely with OMS in the delivery of these services,” said Martin Sisley, Managing Director Renewables for JFMS.

As part of this collaboration, JFMS and OMS will jointly promote James Fisher’s innovative Ship-to-Turbine (STT) oil-exchange system for the direct extraction and refill of offshore wind gearbox oils directly from a conventional access vessel. STT uses Sage Oil Vac’s proven vacuum, preheating and filtration technology to transfer the oil from a self-contained deck mounted unit, through umbilical hoses directly eliminating the need to fill and hoist containers via the nacelle crane, delivering further operational efficiencies and reduced costs.

This agreement will also enable James Fisher and OMS to offer a broader range of complementary services to support asset management for customers in the offshore renewables industry, including diving and ROV services, offshore equipment rental, and James Fisher’s innovative condition monitoring system (Mimic) with oil-analysis reporting.

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