Metrology software lets measuring machines measure more

The TS 642 touch probe could be driven by Heidenhain’s Quadra Check metrology software.

The latest version of PC-based QUADRA-CHEK metrology software provides advanced functions for inspection measurement machines. The software makes it possible to perform 2D and 3D measuring tasks when standard DRO products will not suffice. Labeled the IK5000 V2.96.2, this inspection package builds up the original QC5000 software by introducing new capability such as 3D Profiling that can provide measurement and graphic evaluations of 3D contours using multi-sensor and tactile measuring machines. This new option, used for profile measurements, can import a 3D CAD file (either STEP or IGES) and compare it with the actual measured part.

This version now supports Auto Focus capability that allows entering a needed search distance into the search-distance field. Previously, the algorithm used the Teach function to determine an optimum search distance and Z-axis velocity depending on a camera frame rate, which could cause intermittent failures depending on the part surface and if it was significantly different from the surface used during the Teach process.

Part Programming improvements were added to support compensation for the thermal behavior of products that experience a shrinkage or growth of material during manufacturing. This will let users write a single inspection program for measuring parts with materials having a known growth or shrink rate throughout manufacturing.

Improvements were also added to currently existing Radial and Palletize methods of automatic part programming routines. These methods help users when there are common features or parts that repeat angularly, around a datum, or based on a palletized grid layout. On Video-Based Inspection machines, these improvements retain specific video tool sizes and the positions needed for these measurements, and then repeat them based on the angle they are located around the datum or in reference to a linear layout. The new Palletize grid functions will also let users graphically select which parts in the grid are required for measurement, and only run the program in those locations.

The IK5000 version 2.96.2 now also offers compatibility for PCs using Windows 7 (32bit) operating systems as well as Windows XP and Vista.

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