MHI Vestas launches 9.5-MW offshore wind turbine

MHI Vestas has launched the V164-9.5 MW wind turbine, signaling the company’s drive to lower the cost of energy for offshore wind. The V164 platform’s massive 80-meter blades are already capturing wind energy off the coast of the UK and, according to the company, are generating power like no other turbine in history.

The V164-9.5 MW turbine reduces O&M costs by enabling customers to run fewer, larger turbines, and holds the world-record production by a single wind turbine of 216 MWh in 24-hour period (December 2016)

The new turbine is providing MHI Vestas with volumes of real-time data and valuable experience that is already paying dividends.

“As a leader in the offshore wind industry, we are committed to lowering the cost of energy through innovative turbine technology,” said Jens Tommerup, CEO of MHI Vestas. “The launch of our V164-9.5 MW turbine is a testament to that leadership and to the ingenuity of our engineers and technicians.”

The launch of the V164-9.5 MW turbine showcases the proven V164 platform once again with increased energy output from minimal design changes.

“The V164-9.5 MW is built on the industry-leading V164 platform, the most powerful platform in operation. Just one single turbine is now capable of powering more than 8,300 UK homes,” said Tommerup.

The landmark announcement comes as the offshore wind industry meets in London this week to reaffirm its commitment to reduce the cost of energy, to urge policy-makers to set clear offshore wind volume targets, and to define a clear path forward as the sector eyes global expansion.

“I’m very proud of our team for their hard work in launching our next generation turbine, the V164-9.5 MW,” shared Torben Hvid Larsen, CTO at MHI Vestas. “With only minimal design changes, including a redesigned gearbox and cooling system upgrades, this turbine continues the legacy of the proven V164 platform and is available now to all MHI Vestas customers.”

About the V164-9.5 MW Turbine
• 9.5 MW rated power, with an optimal rotor to generator ratio
• One turbine can power 8,300 UK homes
• Redesigned gearbox and cooling system upgrades from the V164-9.0 MW
• 80 m blades, the equivalent of nine double decker London buses
• Each blade weighs 35 tonnes
• Swept area of 21,124 m2, larger than the London Eye
• The nacelle is 20 m long, 8 m wide, and 8 m high − weighing about 390 tonnes
• Approximate hub height of 105 m
• Approximate tip height of 187 m


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