More thermal transfer tapes to I.D. equipment

A manufacturer of labeling has added two tapes to the K-Sun LABELShop line: white removable and silver matte. The thermal transfer tapes now include 60 color-and-size combinations with new ½ black on white removable adhesive (Part no. 212RA) and ¾ black on silver matte (Part no. 218SM).

“The versatility of repositionable tape and the visibility of the silver matte tape are requested in industries,” says Mike Kasun, president of K-Sun Corp. “Our K-Sun LABELShop cartridges are recyclable and halogen-free.”

The black on white removable tape is durable and tear-resistant, yet repositionable for identification, bar coding or sequential alphanumeric or variable data. It is designed for labeling glassware, metals, plastic, or other equipment for repeat usage when labels might need to be removed quickly and easily without leaving adhesive residue. The polyester material and initial tack is strong enough for permanent adhesion on radial and flat surfaces, can withstand variable and harsh temperatures, and is chemical, smear, and UV fade-resistant. Symbol libraries available include laboratory, medical and chemical, homeland security, and electrical with K-Sun MaxiLabel Pro V3 software that accompanies several models of the company’s thermal-transfer printers.

The white background brings visibility on surfaces and, when used on white surfaces, adds a professional appearance.

The new black on silver matte is designed for bar code, asset management, and property protection and inventory for warehouses, plants, and others. Intended for permanent positioning on a variety of surface materials, silver matte is the choice to use with bar code readers, and can withstand harsh temperatures, abrasion, and pressure.

The tapes are made of a durable, all-weather polyester base with an industrial grade acrylic adhesive. The tapes comply with ANSI/TIA/EIA-606A standards. Tapes tests have yielded a 5 to 7 year outdoor life, and tapes can withstand heat and cold temperatures.

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