Neoen picks the Qantum O&M platform for 315-MW Australian wind farm

Neoen, a renewable project developer and owner, has chosen QOS Energy’s innovative O&M management platform to monitor the performance of the 315-MW Hornsdale wind project. The wind farm is being built in three stages, two of which have already been completed. Neoen has deployed Qantum, the IEC compliant energy management SaaS powered by QOS Energy, to monitor the two first stages of the project.

The Hornsdale wind project will consist of 96 Siemens 3.2-MW wind turbines, and will be one of the largest wind farms operating in Australia once fully commissioned

Qantum is compatible with every kind of wind turbine, communication standard, or database connection protocol. No additional hardware or system installation is required onsite to run the software, which allows for a swift and cost effective set-up of data acquisition processes.

The platform gathers and analyses data generated by each turbine for all measured values using a secure VPN connection.

“We are very proud of the successful collaboration we have with Neoen for this important project,” said Fabrice Wacogne, Chief Customer Success Officer at QOS Energy. “Our day-to-day challenge is to deliver best-in-class O&M analytics services for some of the largest renewable projects in the world.”

Wacogne added: “Project after project, Qantum continues to showcase its powerful analytic and O&M performance capabilities.”

Neoen can customize operating dashboards, analysis, KPIs, alerts, reports, or contracts depending on their specific needs. The engineering team of QOS Energy has delivered bespoke performance indicators and KPIs for the whole wind farm, and customize operating dashboards have been delivered for each user type.

“We are very pleased with the first-class service provided by QOS Energy for this project. We can monitor the wind farm’s operational and financial performance as soon as each turbine is installed onsite,” said Laurent Francisci, Operations director Australia at Neoen.

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