NYTimes attributes utility problems to Vermont wind farm. Straight scoop here

The New York Times recently attributed the power problems of a Vermont utility to a productive wind farm.  Wind plants do not cause weak grid, as the article suggested. In this podcast, AWEA’s Michael Goggin straightens the confused ideas and elaborates on what should have been the bigger power picture.


  1. Dan Hoose says:

    I think you will soon find that fossil fuels are soon to be a thing of the past,the oil companies are right this moment wondering what to do. The technology is changing faster than you think,today’s wind system are soon to be old technology.

  2. Actually genie81 wind energy can produce a significant amount of electricity to a national grid at a 20yr guaranteed price. Yes it is true that wind power must have a base load from other sources such as coal, nuclear gas etc but that doesnt mean they arent viable now or in the future, they have proven this worldwide and the cost of wind power is now on par with natural gas fired plants and not much more than coal – with zero emissions. Wind can work alongside coal and nat gas and nuclear and hydro to provide a mix of energy sources. there is not a single wind manufacturer that states that wind power will replace all other forms but look to work alongside them, providing good, long term jobs as well as reliable cheap electricity. By the way, what is your solution to future energy demands? or do you just discount everything??

  3. Wind energy will not produce the necessary energy as they rely on backup from some other form of energy e.g. coal or gas. They have proven this worldwide. Other forms are more reliable so forget about turbines they are only built bigger not better

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