Software provides early warning of impending equipment problems

SmartSignal identifies most all major equipment failures on all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment across all OEMs. When Shield 4.0 spots a problem, the developer says it sends a notification to people who need to know—with a brief problem summary, key tags, and values. Multiple alerts are combined into one diagnostic notification, which narrow s the range of potential problems and reports urgency.

Proficy SmartSignal Shield 4.0, software for wind power and other industries, helps large equipment operators detect equipment problems early and avoid surprise equipment failure, thereby increasing productivity while minimizing costs.

The software provides early warning of impending equipment problems, diagnostic guidance, and prioritized actionable intelligence. The software is said to let users move from reactive to proactive maintenance by working on the equipment that needs attention, and on the most critical problems first. They can focus their efforts on action, not analysis—increasing reliability, availability, efficiency, and compliance.

Shield 4.0 was developed based on shared blind data from GE customers—the world’s largest base of predictive-diagnostic intelligence. From experience based on millions of machine hours and tens of thousands of failures from over 12,000 rotating and non-rotating assets, GE was able to identify fault patterns, in context of operating behavior, that are critical to the Power and Oil & Gas industries, and incorporate them into the software.

The software’s diagnostic algorithms combine observations on multiple individual sensors to pinpoint failure effects. Beyond vibration and thermal analyses, the solution models all data on all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment. The software monitors equipment 24 hours/day, letting users organize maintenance projects with confidence. Shield 4.0 allows clear access to diagnostics and rules, so users can understand and adjust the software based on their own expertise.


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