Who’s winning the clean energy race?

It’s a fact: clean energy investment growth is a direct result of clean energy policies. PEW Environment Group’s recent report “Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race? 2011 Edition” shows which countries are competeing to become leader of the clean energy sector.  The group has put this information into a great interactive map that shows G-20 member nation’s clean energy policies, capacity and investment statistics.

It’s interesting to me that the U.S. and China both have about the same total investment in clean energy ($48 billion and $45 billion). But China has significantly higher capacity (93 GW and 135 GW) and 5-year growth rate in terms of energy capacity (28% to 92%).  Also, although China has more installed wind capacity, the U.S. has more solar. It’s also interesting to see which areas are expected to have high clean energy capacity growth, besides China, in the next five years including Brazil (49%) and Turkey (85%).

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself and feel free to share what conclusions you draw.


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