Specialty Coating Systems acquired by KISCO

KISCO Ltd., an international supplier of high-quality materials and services, has announced its acquisition of Specialty Coating Systems (SCS), a global provider of Parylene coating services and technologies. Parylene is a thin coating often used on circuit boards that can go into moist environments. Both well-recognized brands, KISCO has been operating in the Parylene market for

Parker development in plating hydraulic tube fittings and adapters for longer corrosion resistance

Parker Hannifin Corporation, a developer of motion and control technologies, has enhanced their tube fittings and adapters with ToughShield (TS1000) plating, which keeps fitting rust free up to 1,000 hours, according to ASTM B117 neutral salt spray tests. The superior coating is the result of years of investment in metallurgical and surface analysis capabilities. “The

Maximizing wind-farm ROI through blade protection and repair

Santhosh Chandrabalan | Development Leader | 3M Technical Business To maximize wind-farm efficiency and related investment returns, the wind industry is paying increasing attention to the wear and tear of turbine blades. From high winds and rain to damaging hail and salt spray, turbine blades face a wide variety of weather and environmental challenges. Exposure to these

Corrosion-prevention specialist, Oxifree Global, plans expansion in offshore wind industry

Oxifree Global has secured funding from UK venture capital firm Octopus Investments letting it invest in expanding its offering within the offshore wind industry. This will also let the company roll out additional resources to support its global distribution and end user base. The business will supplement existing well-established operations in Houston, Texas with additional

Tesla Nanocoatings enters agreement with NDG, offers corrosion protection coatings

Tesla NanoCoatings announces the appointment of Norwegian Drilling Group (NDG) as sales agent and distributor for its Teslan products in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Tesla NanoCoatings and Norwegian Drilling Group will launch a new class of corrosion protection coatings targeting the oil and shipping industries. Offshore wind towers are another market for Tesla

Coatings are getting smarter, says Lux Research

While coatings today provide protection and other static functionality, a new generation of technologies is making them “smart” – able to change in response to their environment. There’s significant potential for this capability to impact industries from military and aerospace to wind energy, according to Lux Research. “Smart coatings are coming and will open the

Trends in bolts and bolting

Although wind turbines vibrate enough now, more of it will come as engineers introduce designs with longer blades to capture more wind energy. Increased vibration levels may also loosen some tower fasteners which calls for occasional re-tightening. Hence, most trends in this area have tool designers looking for better ways to measure tension (rather than torque)

Hontek provides blade coatings for protection from sand & rain erosion

The leading edges of turbine blades take a beating as they sweep through air that is not always clean. Dirt in the air along with crop dust and rain eventually wear the leading edge away, and if it does not receive proper attention, the blade will deteriorate to the point of needing replacement. Coating developer

Hempel launches new primer to improve two-coat system for wind towers

International coatings supplier Hempel has launched a new combined primer and mid-coat designed specifically for wind towers. The new coating, HEMPADUR 4774D, will be used in Hempel’s well-known two-coat anti-corrosive system for wind turbine towers to address previous UV stability issues. Hempel’s two-coat wind tower protection system dries up to 30% faster than equivalent three-coat

How to avoid hydrogen-embrittlement failures in anchor systems

Abrahan Puente, Engineering Manager, AUGE Industrial, www.auge.com.mx It is no surprise that a common goal among the wind industry’s participants is to lower the total cost of ownership associated with wind farms while not sacrificing on health, safety, and environmental issues. To help reach the goal, this article focuses on the significance of removing entrapped hydrogen from bolt