SheerWind Invelox

SheerWind to install wind power pilot project in Dubai

SheerWind announced a pilot project to be commissioned at Dubai Aluminium PJSC (“DUBAL”), which operates one of the world’s largest aluminum smelting facilities and has a power generating capacity of nearly 2,400 MW. SheerWind’s relationship with DUBAL will begin with a 250 kW INVELOX wind power generation pilot project. DUBAL’s interest in SheerWind’s technology is

A blade of one of the turbines in the 5 MW installation.

Gamesa completes the installation of onshore 5 MW prototype in Alaiz, Spain

Gamesa has completed the installation of the first prototype of its G128-5.0MW onshore turbine at its research and development facility in Alaiz, Spain. The end of the assembly process triggers the start of the process of certifying the new turbine, slated for completion during Q4 2014. Type certification endorses the platform’s industrialization and marketing. The

The aeroMaster 5.0 MW offshore wind turbine developed by aerodyn and installed by Hyosung.

Hyosung installs aeroMaster 5.0 turbine prototype on Jeju Island

Hyosung Corp., the Korean power and industrial systems company and wind turbine manufacturer, recently installed the aeroMaster 5.0 offshore wind turbine prototype on Jeju-island, south of the Korean peninsula. Developed by aerodyn Energiesysteme GmbH in Germany, the turbine, with a rotor diameter of 139m and a 5 MW power capacity, has a high-speed drivetrain with

Hyundai Heavy’s 5.5 MW Offshore Wind Power Turbine Installed on Jeju Island

Hyundai Heavy installs Korea’s largest offshore wind turbine

Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (HHI), the world’s largest shipbuilder and a leading wind turbine supplier, announced that it completed installation of a 5.5 MW offshore wind turbine prototype on Kimnyeong Wind Farm on Jeju Island, South Korea. The offshore wind turbine, measuring 100m hub height and 140m rotor diameter, is the largest unit ever

The G114-2.0 MW wind turbine maximizes  performance of turbines installed in medium and moderate windy sites.

Gamesa installs it first G114-2.0 MW turbines in Europe

Wind turbine developer Gamesa has reached an agreement with Eolus Vind, one of Sweden’s leading wind farm developers, for the supply of four of its G114-2.0 MW turbines in this Scandinavian market. Under the terms of the agreement, Gamesa will supply, install and commission four turbine (8 MW) at the Nötåsen wind farm located in

Eco tours are expected for the Cape Wind wind farm.

Clean energy future moves closer – legal victory for Cape Wind, FAA approval upheld

Cape Wind has again defeated the efforts of its opponents to block the country’s first offshore wind farm. In a significant decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the FAA’s approval of the Cape Wind project, rejecting every argument that had been advanced by the project’s opponents. “The Alliance

With a 140-m tower, the turbine at Østerild has a tip height of 220m.

World’s most powerful wind turbine now operational

Vestas’ first V164-8.0 MW prototype wind turbine has successfully produced its first kWh of electricity, making it the worlds’ most powerful turbine in operation.  “We have now completed the production, testing, and installation of the V164-8.0 MW as planned, thanks to the team’s intense effort during a time when Vestas has reduced its investments and

A STATCOM installation at a wind farm in Puerto Rico

STATCOM lets wind farms comply with grid requirements

With population growth, worldwide industrialization, and the emergence of new technology, expanding energy infrastructure and investing in sustainable power sources is becoming more critical than ever. Many utilities are looking to windpower as a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuel based power plants, as it is a safe and constant source of power that has


DNV GL is trusted technical advisor to majority of South African wind energy projects

The Department of Energy in South Africa recently announced seven successful wind farm projects following the third bid round of the Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme (REIPPPP). These projects were awarded preferred bidder status and represent a total capacity of 787 MW. DNV GL is pleased to reveal that it is acting as the lenders’

Geopier shows how it makes soft soils more solid using RAP systems. Work begins by drilling a hole to a required depth. A patented tamper then compacts successively thin layers of aggregate to fill the hole, which prepares the site for a conventional turbine foundation on top. A conventional turbine foundation can then be poured on top.

Turning soft soils into solid foundations

Supporting a wind turbine should be a simple task. But count on Mother Nature to throw a hard curve into a wind farm project. Take Puerto Rico’s Santa Isabel Wind Farm for example. Its basic plan consisted of 44, 2.3-MW turbines, but “problem soils challenged the project team,” says Alan Crumley, PE, Geotechnical Engineer, and