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UK a global offshore, wind-power market leader, with significant growth expected thru 2020, says GlobalData

Supported by aggressive renewable targets, policy backing, and a shift towards a greener climate, the UK propelled itself to the head of the global offshore wind power market in 2013, boasting a cumulative installed capacity share of around 52%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company’s latest report* says the UK’s cumulative offshore

Windpower Engineering

Wind work around North America

The U.S. Department of the Interior has begun auctioning the leasing rights to large areas off the coast of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey for commercial offshore wind energy development. Hundreds of thousands of acres have already been auctioned off to developers. Large companies including the likes of Wal-Mart and Google have called for

hexicon platform

Swedish offshore wind power developer Hexicon raises 11.4 MSEK to secure the development of first reference plant

Swedish offshore wind energy developer Hexicon has attracted €1.24 million in the form of a rights issue to existing owners. Hexicon develops floating platforms for offshore wind energy. Swedish offshore wind energy company Hexicon, which recently announced an agreement with steel maker giant SSAB to develop offshore wind power platforms at deep waters, wants to

Kirk Key MD and HD series locks withstand harsh environments and handling for long service life, says company.

Trapped-key interlocks on hazardous equipment require a safety sequence

Having quality locks at wind-farm sites provides an extra measure of security to protect your assets. Kirk Key’s trapped key interlock systems ensure a pre-determined safety sequence is followed each time hazardous equipment is accessed or operated. Over the past 80 years, its Standard Duty (SD) brass interlocks have earned a reputation for dependable service

The research project focused on the optimization of turbine performance using forward-looking wind LIDAR measurements.

US Wind: R&D project shows nacelle-mounted LIDAR reduces yaw misalignment, improves turbine performance

A collaborative research project at the Energy Department’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has shown that the Wind Iris nacelle-mounted LIDAR from Avent Lidar Technology is an effective diagnostic tool for identifying wind turbine yaw misalignment, letting users improve wind turbine performance.  This is the first independent scientific field study validating the benefits of

Noise is produced in the drive train by rotational imbalances, blade pass, gear meshing in the gearbox, and by electromagnetic effects between the poles and stators in the generator. The geometry was modeled to determine the frequencies and strength of the noise.

Software suggests impact of offshore wind farms on marine life

Alexandra Foley, COMSOL, Offshore wind farms come with a few more benefits than the onshore variety, such as the presence of more regular and higher speed winds that produce higher capacity factors. However, as the wind industry grows offshore, engineers are asked to investigate how turbine noise there might affect marine wildlife.      

The top coat is made up of refractory oxide particles bonded by the phosphate binder.
CeraStrata builds its own passivation layer that defends against osmotic blistering.

Ceramic coating fights corrosion better than polymer paint

The battle against corrosion goes on with no ending in sight, especially for coastal and offshore wind developers. Salt spray there is particularly damaging to exposed metal. However, a recent inorganic coating developed by Unitel Technologies ( and Inorganic Polymer Solutions, Inc. ( may give wind developers a promising weapon.                    


Nordex awarded contract for 20 N117/2400 turbines from Turkey

Nordex has received a further contract from the Turkish customer Erdem Holding. The manufacturer will deliver of 20 N117/2400 turbines for the “Bagarasi” wind farm. The order also includes a premium-service contract for a minimum period of five years. “Bagarasi” is located in Aydin, 90 kilometres south east of Izmir, close to the Aegan coast


Siemens receives grid connection order for Dudgeon offshore wind farm

Siemens has received an order for the turnkey delivery of the grid connection for the Dudgeon offshore wind farm. The customers are the Norwegian utilities Statoil and Statkraft, which are jointly implementing the wind farm off the coast of the U.K. Siemens will supply the entire power transmission system, including the two transformer substations –

A multi-year working partnership delivers long-term benefits to largest nearshore Dutch wind energy project.

TÜV SÜD PMSS on point for Westermeerwind

TÜV SÜD PMSS, an experienced offshore wind consultancy firm, and part of the TÜV SÜD group – one of the world’s leading technical services corporations – has successfully completed a number of key project milestones on behalf of the developer, as the largest Dutch nearshore wind farm reaches financial close. The Westermeerwind project in the