K2 Management leads due diligence for Green Investment Bank deal

A consortium led by Australian bank, Macquarie, has agreed to purchase the UK’s Green Investment Bank in a £2.3bn GBP deal. K2 Management led the transaction’s technical due diligence on behalf of Macquarie after being appointed in 2016. K2 Management’s specialists undertook detailed technical reviews of the status and performance of GIB’s wind assets. This involved

Vestas expands 2-MW platform with two new turbine variants

Vestas’ new turbines build on its 2-MW platform, delivering increased swept area and annual energy production, while keeping the existing 2-MW nacelle and hub design. Through the tried and tested design foundation, the new V116-2.0 MW and V120-2.0 MW employ proven technology to improve power production. “By building on the tried and tested technology of the

Senvion presents its largest 2-MW turbine series for India

Senvion, a global manufacturer of wind turbines, is launching four new products in the Indian market. The turbines in the 2-MW class, Senvion 2.XM, come from a suitable acquisition made in summer 2016, and are now available in India for install in late 2017. The Senvion 2.XM modular platform is well adapted to Indian market and

Washington city plans to run on 100% wind power

The City of Mercer Island, Washington, announced that it will buy 20 years of clean wind power to replace its current mix of electricity. Today, 60% of the power supplied regionally by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) derives from coal and natural gas. The City’s contract for 2019-2039 will replace those fossil fuels under PSE’s new Green

Maryland offers two new offshore wind grant programs

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) has announced two new grant programs targeting the offshore wind industry. The programs are the Offshore Wind Business Development Grant Program and the Offshore Wind Workforce Development Grant Program. Maryland Energy Administration has allocated a combined $1 million for these programs, which are open to emerging businesses, non-profits, and governments.

Banking on hub height wind data

With terrain that varies from simple to complex and locations that experience typically harsh North American winters, the company finds that using Triton to provide on-site wind data is one of the most effective ways in reducing wind resource uncertainty in energy assessments.

WindShare offers new wind-energy membership platform

If Americans invested 3% of their savings in the development of renewable energy, America would meet its Paris climate accord targets. WindShare, LLC has announced plans to help Americans do just that, while providing critical financing and marketing supporting to community wind developers. WindShare, a new way for everyone to invest in clean, renewable energy, announces

Alterra acquires 320-MW Boswell Springs wind project

Alterra Power Corp. announced the acquisition of the 320-MW Boswell Springs wind development in Albany County, Wyoming. Construction of the project’s main power transformers began in 2016, and the wind farm should achieve commercial operation in 2020. Alterra expects the wind farm to qualify for U.S. renewable electricity production tax credits at the full rate. The company will

Xcel Energy recognized for lasting wind-energy leadership

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) recently released its annual market report and recognized Xcel Energy for its sustained commitment and contribution to the wind industry. AWEA named Xcel Energy the nation’s top utility wind-energy provider, a position it has held for more than a decade. “We recognized years ago the benefits of operating in

IEEFA Europe: Offshore wind costs maintain falling trend

Europe achieved its lowest-ever bid for an offshore wind power project last week at a German auction in the North and Baltic Seas, an event that backs up a recent trend of cost reductions.