The G114-2.0 MW wind turbine maximizes  performance of turbines installed in medium and moderate windy sites.

Gamesa installs it first G114-2.0 MW turbines in Europe

Wind turbine developer Gamesa has reached an agreement with Eolus Vind, one of Sweden’s leading wind farm developers, for the supply of four of its G114-2.0 MW turbines in this Scandinavian market. Under the terms of the agreement, Gamesa will supply, install and commission four turbine (8 MW) at the Nötåsen wind farm located in

Community wind farm opts for direct-drive wind turbines from Siemens

Siemens Energy was awarded the contract for Holzacker-Knorburg community wind power plant. Erected in 2014 between the north German municipalities of Enge-Sande and Stadum, it will be one of the most modern wind power plants in northern Germany. The seven Siemens SWT-3.0-113 direct-drive wind turbines ordered for the project do not contain traditional drivetrains, setting

123Venture announces delivery of two new green energy projects bringing its investment in renewable energies to over 1 billion euros

Wind farm commissioned in France

Since 2005, when it first started investing in renewable energies, 123Venture has been instrumental in funding more than 150 electricity power stations representing over 500 MW and in excess of one billion euros of capital and debt investment. The beneficiaries of these investments are project development companies, equipment manufacturers and power station construction companies. These

Osiris Energy

Five tips for picking small wind locations

Nowadays, small wind professionals are either complaining bitterly about the competition from solar or joining happily to the solar ally. Under the pressure of selling more, some people ignored the simple fact that, “A wind turbine needs WIND to work its magic.” A small wind turbine might have been installed in an area where is

The Siemens SWT-2.3-108 turbines will be delivered to the Windthorst-2 onshore wind power project in Windthorst, Texas.

Siemens awarded U.S. turbine order for Windthorst-2 wind power plant

Siemens Energy was awarded an order for another onshore wind power plant in the USA. The Windthorst-2 onshore wind power project in Windthorst, Texas, will consist of 28 Siemens wind turbines of the type SWT-2.3-108. Customers are Brooklyn-based developer OwnEnergy and a fund managed by BlackRock. The wind farm is expected to commence commercial operation

Avanti Wind Systems has developed a new version of Avanti's Dolphin Service Lift which is installed in the large wind turbine tower.

Avanti service lift services world’s largest wind turbine

The world’s largest wind turbine is now in operation at the Danish National Test Center in Oesterild in Thy near the coast in the north-western part of Denmark. The Vestas V-164, rated for 8 MW,  sits on a 140-m tall tower. Each blade measures 80m and weighs 35 tons. The nacelle alone is 8m high

Vaisala BAROCAP Digital Barometer PTB330 is a new generation barometer, intended for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement.

Vaisala’s digital barometer for professional meteorology, aviation, and industrial users

Vaisala BAROCAP Digital Barometer PTB330 is a new generation barometer, intended for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement. Hardware and capability include: Vaisala BAROCAP  sensor Accurate measurement Excellent long-term stability Added reliability through redundancy Graphical trend display with 1-year history data Altitude corrected pressure (QFE, QNH) For professional use in meteorology, aviation, laboratories, and

Eco tours are expected for the Cape Wind wind farm.

Clean energy future moves closer – legal victory for Cape Wind, FAA approval upheld

Cape Wind has again defeated the efforts of its opponents to block the country’s first offshore wind farm. In a significant decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld the FAA’s approval of the Cape Wind project, rejecting every argument that had been advanced by the project’s opponents. “The Alliance

The Panhandle 2 project will consist of 79 Siemens SWT-2.3-108 wind turbines.

Siemens wins turbine order and service contract for 79, 2.3-108s in Texas

Siemens Energy has secured an order for the 182-MW Panhandle 2 wind power project located in Carson County, Texas, northeast of Amarillo. The project will consist of 79 Siemens SWT-2.3-108 wind turbines. The customer is Pattern Energy Group based in San Francisco. Component deliveries will start in March 2014 and commissioning of the turbines is

FoundOcean continues to pave the way in the renewables industry with foundation installations in offshore wind.

FoundOcean continues to set the pace within the wind industry

In 2013 FoundOcean played a key role in numerous foundation installations within the renewables industry. Contracted to Offshore Wind Force (OWF), FoundOcean completed grouting operations at the West of Duddon Sands 108-monopile wind farm. The DONG Energy project took just 5 months to complete, averaging 21 foundation installations per month. Once fully operational, the wind