Acciona opens battery storage plant at wind farm in Spain

Acciona Energia has opened a new battery storage plant alongside a wind farm in Barasoain, located in the region of Navarra, Spain. It is the first battery storage facility incorporated into a grid-connected wind farm in the country. The aim of the battery system is to increase the generation of renewable energy and optimize the management

Supercapacitor Technologies and Markets, 2026: Focus on electric double-layer capacitor, ultracapacitor, lithium-ion capacitor

While lithium-ion batteries are increasingly capturing the market of other battery technologies, they will never be able to compete with supercapacitor technology in terms of power and number of cycles.

Nonmetalic electrical enclosures sport over 30 configurations & thermal accessories

AttaBox offers a wide-ranging selection of non-metallic enclosures, featuring 10 full product lines encompassing over 800 parts numbers and over 30 configurations along with complementary thermal and standard accessories.

Pumped hydro storage market to exceed $350 billion by 2024

According to EASE, the pumped hydro plants have an average efficiency of 70 to 80% when compared with other technologies.

Technavio identifies top 5 vendors in the global low and medium-voltage switchgear market

This market research report also lists 14 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

Windlab secures PPA for large-scale wind, solar & storage project in Australia

Australia-based Windlab Limited announced that it has secured a 10-year agreement with Queensland government-owned corporation, CS Energy, to purchase the renewable energy and some of the large-scale generation certificates (LGCs) produced from Kennedy Energy Park Phase I, a 60.5-MW hybrid renewable energy project. Kennedy Energy Park Phase I is an innovative 43.5-MW wind, 15-MW solar, and 2-MW

Indar delivers wind generator #1,000 from its Milwaukee, Wisc factory

This industrial and service headquarters is designed to deliver more than 1,000 units/year to a national market that already has an installed cumulative capacity of 84,405 MW.

Sharper Shape & SkySkopes successfully use drone to construct transmission line

Sharper Shape and SkySkopes, in cooperation with an investor owned utility, have developed an innovative and unique way to use unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for power-line construction. The mission used the Sharper A6 UAS to string sock lines for a 675-kV line construction project.     “This use-case highlights how UAS are a safe and effective option for many

NY Governor announces rebates for zero-emission vehicles & infrastructure

The electric vehicle revolution could turn out to be more dramatic than governments and oil companies have yet realized, and New York is taking important steps in that direction. Ideally, the electricity needed will come from renewables such as wind energy. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has announced that $2.2 million from the Environmental Protection Fund is now

Raycap upgrades its Strikesorb 30 surge-protective device

Raycap, the developer of the unique patented Strikesorb technology, announced an upgrade to its flagship Strikesorb 30-surge suppression device (SPD). While Strikesorb technology has been in existence for 20+ years and protected wind operations for more than 15 of these, these recent enhancements upgrade the Strikesorb 30 to a Class I surge protective device, in