Next-gen Li-ion might launch electric aviation

The fossil fuels that enabled the jet age due to their considerable energy density may soon be yielding to electric aircraft for the same reason.

The value of microgrids when wicked weathering strikes

Microgrids are small, self-sufficient power grids that serve a group of consumers such as a university campus, military base, or municipality.

AMSC announces $8.0 million in D-VAR system orders in U.S., UK, Australia, and Jordan

AMSC, a global energy solutions provider serving wind and power grid industry leaders, recently announced four new D-VAR STATCOM system orders valued at about $8 million.

Flex power storage combines wind & solar for utility, commercial, & industrial users

The Flex solution is a versatile, standardized energy storage platform for utility, commercial and industrial users.

Eos Energy Storage taking orders at $95/kWh for the Eos Aurora dc battery system

Eos is the first company to accept orders below $100 per usable kWh for a complete dc battery energy storage system including battery modules.

SMA system selected for storage test at NREL’s National Wind Technology Center

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) will use SMA’s power-conversion system for a 1-MW battery pilot project at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) — a  premier wind-energy technology research facility. Using the proven RESolve energy storage system, the project will test various components of energy storage and educate

GE and Southern California Edison debut world’s first battery-gas turbine hybrid

GE and Southern California Edison recently unveiled the world’s first battery-gas turbine hybrid system in Norwalk, California.

Craig Eastwood and Jan Jacobson beef-up management at Powin Energy

Powin Energy Corp., a provider of fully integrated energy storage equipment for utilities, C&I, and microgrid applications, has announced that Craig Eastwood and Jan Jacobson are the newest members of the company’s executive leadership team.

Toshiba’s autonomous off-grid hydrogen system H2One providing power in Japan

Toshiba has announced that H2One, the company’s autonomous hydrogen energy system, is now in operation at Musashi-Mizonokuchi Station.

Walmart to deploy energy storage at California stores

Energy management solutions provider, Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS), says it will work with Southern California Walmart to deploy 40 megawatt-hours of advanced energy storage systems at 27 stores. These energy storage systems will help the retailer save costs by reducing each store’s peak electricity demand, while providing dispatchable grid support to Southern California Edison. Under