Moxa releases new switch firmware to ramp up device security

Moxa, a provider of network infrastructure solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced a new firmware upgrade for its industrial Ethernet switches with major enhancements for its security functionalities. This new firmware, called Turbo Pack 3, is not only compliant with the IEC 62443-4-2 level 2 cybersecurity standard, but also supports other security management features,

ABB completes HVDC link upgrade in Canada to support transmission of renewables

ABB has completed a major upgrade of the 350-MW Madawaska high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission link that connects the grids of Québec and New Brunswick in southeast Canada. The back-to-back converter station has been in operation for more than 30 years, and the modernization is expected to significantly improve grid reliability and help reduce maintenance

Campbell Scientific releases CR300-series dataloggers

Campbell Scientific, a maker of research-grade measurement instruments, is releasing an innovative new line of data-acquisition products: the CR300-series measurement and control dataloggers. The CR300 dataloggers have many of the best capabilities of full-size Campbell Scientific dataloggers, with the smaller size and price of Campbell’s compact devices. “A nice part about the CR300 is that,

Cumulative vendor revenue for energy storage software could total $16.2 billion from 2016 to 2025, says Navigant Research

The report, Energy Storage Software: Aggregation, Asset Management, and Grid Services, from Navigant Research, analyzes the global market for ESSs, with a focus on aggregation, asset management, and grid services.

From Moxa: Key IIoT platform selection criteria—industrial computers vs. development boards

The market today is flooded with embedded solutions for the Industrial IoT. You can now choose from a wide variety of RISC-based embedded computers, single-board computers, and development boards to implement your IIoT solutions.

Samsung SDI presents a next generation battery with fast charging and energy density for 600 km EV range

Samsung SDI introduced in its customer exhibition a “high-energy density battery cell of the next generation for a driving range of up to 600 km that can fast charge EVs in 20 minutes”.

Anataira introduces a new compact industrial unmanaged 5-port switch

Antaira Technologies, developer and manufacturer of industrial device networking and communication products for harsh environments, introduces the new compact LNX-C500 series. The new LNX-C500 series is an IP-30 rated compact 5-port industrial unmanaged Ethernet switch embedded with five Fast Ethernet RJ45 ports. The small form factor of its metal casing switch is 30% smaller, providing for

San Diego water authority interested in pumped storage project

The San Diego County Water Authority and the City of San Diego recently took a step toward the possibility of helping the region meet its future energy needs through a new pumped storage opportunity at the San Vicente Reservoir.

What criteria should be considered when selecting and maintaining encoders for wind turbines?

Wind turbines require accurate and reliable blade pitch-control to optimize wind generation and safeguard the asset from extreme conditions that could cause damage. Turbine generators also rely on precise feedback to properly control and synchronize energy output with line frequency. Disruption of these processes can lead to poor turbine performance, downtime, or costly repairs. Encoders

A new off-grid generator promises hacker-proof, continuous electrical power

A cyber war puts critical electrical power at risk. Hackers battle power company IT specialists relentlessly. Alleged Russian malware is found on a Vermont electric utility computer. With computers controlling everything in this world, the wrong malware could destroy the electric grid in an instant. Transformers that take months to replace could be made to overload