Benefits of energy storage reach beyond the integration of renewables

Electric energy storage encompasses a broad range of technologies: batteries, flywheels, pumped storage, heat storage and compressed air.

ABB wins $30 million order to support integration of offshore wind energy in the UK

ABB has won a $30 million order from ScottishPower Renewables to supply two SVC Light Static Compensators (STATCOMs) that will smooth out the voltage fluctuations that are an inherent feature of intermittent wind energy. They will increase power transfer capability, improve power quality and enhance grid stability, enabling more energy efficient and reliable power supplies

Massachusetts planning on 200 MWh energy storage procurement target

On June 30, 2017, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (“DOER”) informed the Massachusetts Legislature of its adoption of a 200 MWh energy storage target for electric distribution companies

Freudenberg designs new radial shaft seal ring for main bearings in wind turbines

The global expansion of wind-power facilities is proceeding unabated. Based on figures from Global Wind Energy Council, nearly 487 GW of output from wind energy were in place at the end of 2016. At the start of the decade, the installed output wasn’t even half that amount. It is not just the number of facilities that

Bal Seal releases expanded guide of custom-engineered seals, springs & electrical contacts

Bal Seal Engineering, has published an expanded guide describing the form and function of its custom-engineered seals, springs, and electrical contacts, as well as the benefits of its engineering process. The 12-page guide, titled Sealing, Connecting, Conducting and EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions, uses photo-realistic application images and descriptive insets to give readers a detailed look at

Southern Company launches battery storage research demonstration project

Building on its 100-year commitment to innovation and historic focus on the research and development of emerging energy solutions, Southern Company and its Gulf Power subsidiary officially launched the latest battery storage research project in Southern Company’s operating territory. The project represents another important milestone in the company’s work to build the future of energy.

Modernizing Minnesota’s grid: An economic analysis of energy storage opportunities

The results and outputs of an energy storage modeling report released by the Minnesota Energy Storage Alliance (MESA) are encouraging, according to the Energy Storage Association (ESA). The new MESA report delineates the multiple benefits of using energy storage systems to eventually replace the need for gas-fired peaking plants to meet the dynamic needs of operating

Large-scale battery storage to transform Australia’s renewable energy future

Aurecon announced on July 7 that the world’s largest lithium ion grid connected battery system (at 100 MW/129 MWh) will be built in Australia.

Utilities begin to adopt Virtual Power Plants to cater to a growing network of connected systems

The surge in the number of distributed energy resources (DERs) installations across the globe is opening up the market for virtual power plant (VPP) programs. The large installed capacity of wind and solar-power plants notwithstanding, generation is intermittent, which translates to the need for a solution that can balance the grid during low wind and

Siemens and AES partner to form a new global energy storage service & tech company

Siemens and the AES Corporation announced their agreement to form a new global energy storage technology and services company, under the name Fluence. The company will empower customers around the world to better navigate the fragmented but rapidly growing energy-storage sector and meet their pressing needs for scalable, flexible, and cost-competitive energy storage solutions. The