Cumulative vendor revenue for energy storage software could total $16.2 billion from 2016 to 2025, says Navigant Research

The report, Energy Storage Software: Aggregation, Asset Management, and Grid Services, from Navigant Research, analyzes the global market for ESSs, with a focus on aggregation, asset management, and grid services.

Samsung SDI presents a next generation battery with fast charging and energy density for 600 km EV range

Samsung SDI introduced in its customer exhibition a “high-energy density battery cell of the next generation for a driving range of up to 600 km that can fast charge EVs in 20 minutes”.

San Diego water authority interested in pumped storage project

The San Diego County Water Authority and the City of San Diego recently took a step toward the possibility of helping the region meet its future energy needs through a new pumped storage opportunity at the San Vicente Reservoir.

Massachusetts Dept of Energy Resources to set energy storage targets

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) recently announced it is prudent for the Commonwealth to adopt an energy storage target.

Ambri reaches milestone in commercializing liquid metal batteries for grid scale storage

The “Beta Core” energy storage system provides 20 kWh with a peak capacity of 6 kW and contains 432 cells or batteries.

49 MW Li system in UK to support multiple, market-driven use cases from peaking to frequency regulation

The battery plant will be built at the site of the former Roosecote coal and gas-fired power stations in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK, and will be owned and operated by Centrica, a leading British energy and services company.

AutoGrid Flex 3.0 features new energy storage co-optimization capabilities to maximize ROI

AutoGrid Systems announced that it has launched AutoGrid Flex 3.0, the energy industry’s first comprehensive flexibility management solution for demand response (DR) management, distributed energy resource (DER) management, and virtual power plants (VPPs). The AutoGrid Flex 3.0 application suite features several new energy storage co-optimization capabilities that enable utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers, and

Dynapower and Samsung SDI launch integrated energy storage solution

Dynapower Company and Samsung SDI announce the introduction of an integrated behind-the-meter energy storage system built on their respective proven technologies. The initial release of the system will be a 25-kW/550-kWh offering, with a 100-kW two-hour system to follow. The integrated energy storage offering provides energy storage system vendors, project developers, and utilities with a

Battery storage + low carbon power = solution to ‘black swan events’ says RES & Lloyd’s Register

Demand for energy or battery storage is expected to increase after the entire state of South Australia lost power in September.

Energy storage, a crucial piece in the new technology jigsaw

Global efforts to decarbonize (including raising generation capacity) will increasingly rely on development of technology to help make the supply and use of energy more reliable, cost-efficient and flexible storage.