ADSR – slip ring with a diagnostic system

The centerpiece of the ADSR slip ring is the integrated sensors for measuring vibrations, the level of voltage and current, number of revolutions, internal and external humidity, and temperature.

Moog offers new high-reliability slip ring

Moog Components Group, a division of Moog Inc., has announced the introduction of a new pitch-control slip ring. The EPA3 slip ring is the next generation of advanced slip ring products specifically developed for the wind energy market. It is well suited for large and small wind turbines. A key advantage of the Moog slip

New high reliability slip ring brings new technology to wind turbines

The slip ring can be part of a large wind turbine electric pitch control system with the option to integrate hydraulic pitch control systems if required.

How supplier & manufacturer UEA got from 9,221 defective ppm to 1,380 in five months

By May 2016, UEA’s monthly PPM had dropped to 1,380.

Deublin electrical slip rings ready for wind turbines and more

The slip rings are designed for a variety of applications including wind turbines, semi-conductor production, , industrial automation, and directional drilling.

How canted coil springs improve turbine seals and connectors

By Jim Harty | Global Market Manager Energy Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, wind capacity grew by 8% in 2014 and is forecast to increase by 12% in 2015 and by 13% in 2016. Bloomberg New Energy Finance further predicts that wind power will continue to grow with global installations

Slip rings: A few ideas for extending their life

Jesse Shearer | Design Engineer | United Equipment Accessories As the wind energy industry has grown over the last decade, so has turbine slip ring technology. Although these devices are small, their importance should not be undervalued. Wind turbines require reliable transmission of power and data signals from the nacelle to the control system for

Turbine components: slip rings

What tests should a slip ring pass to consider it reliable? The most critical time to perform reliability tests on slip-ring assemblies is before they leave the factory. This is especially true when it is not feasible to perform a complete testing procedure on a product once installed up-tower. Analysis should consist of at least

Trends in slip rings

Slip rings provide a reliable transmission of power or signals from stationary cables in the nacelle to rotating equipment in the hub. A basic slip-ring assembly uses solid metal rings and graphite or precious-metal wire brushes, which contact the outside diameter of the rotating metal ring. As the ring turns, electrical current or signal conducts through

Metal fiber brushes could let slip rings last 20 years in wind turbines

DHi (Defense Holdings Inc.) of Manassas Park, Virg. and H&N Electric from Pasco, Washington, recently conducted an up-tower inspection of DHi’s revolutionary blade pitch control slip ring featuring HiPerCon Brand metal fiber brushes (electric brushes) after one year of slip ring operation at PacifiCorp, Inc.’s Leaning Juniper Site in Arlington, OR. The DHi slip ring had operated trouble- and