New cordless torque multiplier pairs 160 times more torque with accurate fastening data

Power-tool innovator, Ingersoll Rand, introduces the new QX Series Cordless Torque Multiplier – a high-torque fastening tool for industrial applications and torque-critical joints. Built upon the QX Series platform, the Ingersoll Rand Cordless Torque Multiplier achieves up to 1,475-ft. pounds of torque, and employs advanced technology, communication, and control features to ensure accurate, repeatable bolting.

Moventas says its 4MW+ gearbox passes long-time overload test with flying colors

The Exceed 4-MW+ gearbox has successfully completed long-time overload test in January at Moventas Research and Technology center in Finland.

Paper reports on the structural collapse of a 52.3-m composite wind-turbine blade

Full-scale structural tests have enabled an in-depth understanding of how composite blades respond (collapse) to specifically applied loads.

Tips for extending bearing life in wind turbines

Gearbox reliability has improved remarkably in the last 10 years thanks to a better understanding of bearing loads. However, even high-quality components have a limited life expectancy in the wind industry so it is important to have a consistent maintenance plan in place. In this Wind Talk podcast, The Timken Company‘s Rick Brooks discusses new trends

What areas of a wind turbine require bolting and what tools are most useful?

Electric torque wrenches operate on batteries and up to 220 Vac.

What method and tools are used to fasten the bolts on turbines?

The decision whether to use torque or tension to apply a bolt load is determined by the manufacturer of the turbine and the specific pressure needed.

What different kinds of bearings are used in wind turbines?

A wide range of bearings perform different functions throughout a wind turbine. For instance:

What is the job of a coupling in a wind-turbine drivetrain?

Mechanical couplings connect shafts so one can transmit rotational power to the other while accommodating some misalignment that is almost always present.

Moventas to invest €17 million to boost production of Exceed series gears

Moventas designed Exceed with 20% more torque density, 10% less size and with 100% proven Moventas technology in response to the market challenge to lower the life cycle cost of wind power.

What features should you consider when choosing filters for a wind turbine?

In the wind industry, simple logistics places importance on a well-planned operations and maintenance strategy. The geographic location, weather conditions, and height of most wind turbines make even the most basic gearbox or hydraulic repairs a daunting and costly task. For that reason, filtration is critical in wind turbines. Gears and bearings ride on a