A few tips for installing concrete sleeve anchors

When installing concrete sleeve anchors, there are several tips recognized by those in the industry that strengthen the safety of the installation with a savings in time and costs.

CONFAST Wedge Anchor available online

CONFAST wedge anchor features zinc plated carbon steel for indoor dry applications, hot-dipped galvanized for moist outdoor applications, 304 stainless steel for wet outdoor applications, and 316 stainless steel for use in corrosive atmospheres

What wind techs should know about bolted joints

In a nutshell, the reliability of bolted joints may be compromised by bolt relaxation, vibration, fatigue, and corrosion.

New cordless torque multiplier pairs 160 times more torque with accurate fastening data

Power-tool innovator, Ingersoll Rand, introduces the new QX Series Cordless Torque Multiplier – a high-torque fastening tool for industrial applications and torque-critical joints. Built upon the QX Series platform, the Ingersoll Rand Cordless Torque Multiplier achieves up to 1,475-ft. pounds of torque, and employs advanced technology, communication, and control features to ensure accurate, repeatable bolting.

What areas of a wind turbine require bolting and what tools are most useful?

Electric torque wrenches operate on batteries and up to 220 Vac.

What method and tools are used to fasten the bolts on turbines?

The decision whether to use torque or tension to apply a bolt load is determined by the manufacturer of the turbine and the specific pressure needed.

Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions launches its Flange Management System

Atlas Copco Bolt Tightening Solutions announces the launch of an innovative flange management system or iFMS.

HYTORC unveils its first consumer tool, a lithium ion battery-powered torque gun

The 18-volt, 4.1 Ah torque gun is just 7 pounds (with battery) and designed for applications with bolts 3/8-inch to ¾-inch in diameter and requiring 25-250 foot/pounds of torque. The product carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2,499.

Custom bolts manufacturer Madden Bolt Corp debuts one-piece flow program for faster lead times

When priorities shift, project schedules change, or customers request rush delivery, Madden Bolt says its new flow program will enable the company to flexibly fulfill most rush orders for anchor bolts.

Torque calibration rig for bolting tools combines safety and accuracy

As part of the Premier range, the enclosure incorporates Norbar torque measurement equipment, an interlocked safety canopy, a heavy duty and robust modular frame, lockable pump cupboard and safety interlocks to ensure operator well-being during use.