Top right: View of the turbine pod without the gearbox. This special tool fixed the rotor, saving time.

Specialized tool from seebaWIND Service facilitates gearbox changes

Manufacturer and independent service provider, seebaWIND Service, has changed the gearbox on a wind turbine for the first time using a special tool. The company was able to replace the gearbox of a Senvion MM92 turbine using a tried and tested construction method in only three days at the Waldhausen wind farm near Würzburg. It


A sneak peek at Moventas’ latest gearbox testing results

Moventas has been testing their high-torque gearbox, the Exceed, and they can already shed some light on the promising results. The Exceed offers the highest torque-carrying capacity platform for high and medium-speed drivetrains in three-megawatt (MW) turbines and up. The platform approach enables adaptability, scalability, and cost efficiency. As per the image shown here, testing


Global Wind Turbine Gearbox Market report released

Editor’s Note: Technavio, a global technology research and advisory company, has released a report on the Global Wind Turbine Gearbox Market for 2015-2019. The report covers current and future growth prospects, and can be downloaded in full here. — A gearbox, as a part of a wind turbine, is used to step-up the rotor speed


Moventas may have your replacement gearbox

Moventas says it stocks and offers replacement gearboxes globally for OEMs such as Vestas, WinWind, RePower (Senvion), Nordex, NEG Micon, GE, Gamesa, Acciona, and DeWind turbines. Its list of quickly available new or refurbished replacements in stock is now online and updated weekly with its global inventory. Check out this week’s selection globally Browse the replacement

Photo courtesy of Romax Technology

What are the problems and solutions to better gearbox reliability?

This section submitted by Ashley Crowther, Global VP – InSight, Romax Technology Modern gearboxes provide greater reliability to the wind-energy industry thanks to improvements in their design and operation. These include better bearing selection, design process, manufacturing quality, transportation, lubrication systems, and end-of-line testing. Reliability issues will never completely go away, but staying on top of

The Moventas Senior Engineer answers one question a week. To read previous questions and answers, or to ask one,  see the url below.

Moventas’ Senior Engineer answers gearbox questions

The Senior Engineer column has been in the wind industry since the 1980’s. The column’s author has spent his entire career in power transmission and knows darn near everything there is to know about gearboxes. In an industry as young as ours, he says, there are false beliefs that he wants to correct. Because all

A leading renewable-energy underwriter employs O&M claims data to assess major cause of turbine failure in global wind industry.

GCube gets to grips with grinding gearboxes

Specialist renewable-energy underwriter GCube Underwriting Limited has published an in-depth report, entitled Grinding Gearboxes, analyzing gearbox failure by addressing root cause, financial impact and proactive steps to mitigate the frequency and severity of downtime. As the central component of the drive system, the gearbox has always been a critical interface and constitutes 13% of the overall value

The HybridDrive combines combining a two-stage-planetary gearbox and a generator into an integrated drive train.

Winergy 3.3 MW HybridDrive wins award: Best wind turbine drivetrain

Windergy’s 3.3 MW HybridDrive has won recognition from Windpower Monthly as the Best wind turbine drivetrain. The publication bestowed the award because the company introduced journal bearing technology and lets customers choose between a permanent magnet or conventional electrically excited generator. “There is a growing interest in gearboxes incorporating journal bearings as operators look for

GBX CFO Brian Hastings (blue sweater holding drawing) explains the high speed shaft drawing details while GBX technicians demonstrate how to remove the HSS assembly from the gearbox housing.

What I learned in gearbox technology class

You might think it strange that a company with the mission of repairing and improving wind-turbine gearboxes would share what it has learned about the machines. But that is exactly what Gearbox Express and Romax Technology did recently with me, and many others throughout the year. It’s good for the wind industry. After two days of

Gearbox Express is building a new, 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility south of Mukwonago, Wisc.

Gearbox Express’ 75,000 ft-sq planned facility doubles current plant

Gearbox Express (GBX), the only independent company in North America focused on providing down-tower, wind gearbox remanufacturing services, is building a new, 75,000 square foot manufacturing facility south of Mukwonago, Wisc. Founding partner and CEO Bruce Neumiller, CEO, cites lack of capacity to support the company’s growth as the major reason. “When we started operations