Model OILAN A4 is an on-line oil water content analyzer which instantly shows changes in the lubrication oil water content.

Water in oil content analyzer provides realtime data

Water in gearbox oil can degrade the oil’s lubricating characteristics. Knowing how much water is in the oil also gives technicians an idea of when the oil needs changing. Model OILAN A4 is an on-line oil water content analyzer which instantly shows changes in the lubrication oil water content. It is an excellent instrument for

Recent breathers feature new oil mist reducing feature and more than double the desiccant.

Better breathers promise less water in gearboxes

The new Des-Case Extended Series breathers combines the materials, design, and high air flow of our Standard breathers with the check-valves of our hybrid breathers, plus a new oil mist reducing feature and more than double the desiccant! It works like this: As wet, contaminated air is drawn through the unit, multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements

Moventas Exceed series

Moventas launches new Exceed series high torque density 3 MW gearbox platform

Moventas officially launches its new high torque density gearbox platform, Exceed, in Hamburg. In addition to Acciona Windpower, another customer has placed orders for the Exceed. The Exceed Series is a 3 MW and up product platform for medium and high speed drivetrains, with the best ratio price/nominal torque in the market that’s now available


Winergy gearbox with two output shafts ready for up to 12 MW outputs

Multi Duored technology provides a relatively light 62 ton gearbox with two output shafts. In addition to the more compact design, the two output shafts couple to two generators connected in parallel instead of to just one generator. When properly sized, each can drive a 6 MW generator. When designing this gearbox, special emphasis was

Common failure modes  in wind-turbine gearboxes.

Keeping on top of gearbox reliability issues

Modern gearboxes provide greater reliability to the wind-energy industry thanks to design and operations improvements, such as bearing selection, design process, manufacturing quality, transportation, lubrication systems, and end-of-line testing. Reliability issues will never completely go away, but keeping on top of issues should reduce maintenance costs at aging wind parks, with problematic models, or gearbox

moventas truck

Moventas to expand footprint in USA by setting up midwest workshop

Moventas will expand its network of high quality wind gearbox services in North America by opening a service workshop in St. Paul, Minnesota. The new workshop will be opening by 1 February, 2015. Moventas already has several U.S. locations but is now investing in the Midwest, where many wind OEMs are located. The investment is

When compared to common roller bearings, journal bearings have nearly no wear. In addition, noise and vibration are lower. Furthermore, journal bearings deliver a higher efficiency at lower costs.

Winergy to show journal bearing technology for gearboxes at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2014

Winergy will present its latest developments in the journal bearing technology at WindEnergy Hamburg from 23 to 26 September 2014. Highlight will be a 3 MW HybridDrive with journal bearings. In addition the gearbox manufacturer will exhibit a journal bearing to show its mode of operation. Since March 2013 a 2 MW gearbox prototype with

Moventas Italy will also support Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe.

Moventas strengthens South European service presence with an Italian subsidiary

Moventas, a wind-gear manufacturer and service provider, has established a subsidiary in Italy to reinforce its presence and service portfolio in the country. Existing and new customers will now enjoy local technical and commercial support. Moventas Italy already has a good customer portfolio, which will now benefit from this investment by having a local technical

Fig 2 - overview damaged drivetrain - MOCKUP

Mitigating costs from planet bearing failures

Dr. Ashley Crowther / VP Engineering / Romax Technology / As gearboxes age, planet-bearing failure from rolling contact fatigue become an issue for maintenance budgets. Many factors influence bearing life but load and cycles are required for failure. After a sufficient number of rotations, the bearing will fail from fatigue. And the higher the

Pinions, bearings, and shafts are prepared in a wind farm facility prior to reassembly uptower in the ailing wind turbine gearbox.

Open wide. Turbine dentist fixes a bad gearbox tooth uptower

During an annual check-up, wind techs found a broken tooth on a pinion and decided to call in a specialist for a second opinion. After an endoscopic inspection of the Acciona turbine on the Waubra wind farm in Australia, technicians from repair service Moventas ( agreed that the tooth and its pinion had to come out. They