Moventas introduces XL – Extra Life to address gearbox failures

Moventas, a wind gearbox manufacturer and service provider, recently announced a breakthrough suite of technologies that are designed to address gearbox failures in the GE 1.5 fleet. XL – Extra Life is the culmination of 35 years of gearbox expertise that Moventas has gained repairing GE 1.5 gearboxes in North America. XL will carry the

Unconventional speed reducer could take weight & cost off a turbine

If wind turbines are to be built larger, their designers will have to think differently about building larger components. An inventor in Dallas wants to assist with a recent design for a pitch drive could take weight off a rotor and a turbine’s main bearing. The clever cam-activated mechanism turns a ring gear by “walking”

New report: Analyzing the Global Market for Wind Turbine Gearboxes 2015

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Analyzing the Global Market for Wind Turbine Gearboxes” report to their offering. This research analyzes the global market for gearboxes used in wind turbines in this research report Analyzing the Global Market for Wind Turbine Gearboxes. The report is divided into five sections. Section 1 analyzes the

Moventas Americas rolls out breakthrough up-tower planetary repairs for GE fleet

Moventas has announce new patent-pending up-tower repair capabilities that promise to save wind-farm owners significant downtime and expense. Effective immediately, all failed ‘low-speed’ planetary stage gears and bearings in most GE 1.5-MW wind turbines can be repaired up-tower at a price that is a fraction of changing out the gearbox. The new repair process has been

Moventas’ Exceed gearbox testing surpassed expectations

Moventas has set a new performance standard in the onshore 3-MW turbine gearbox class. Testing and verification procedures of the first prototypes of an Exceed high-torque platform gearbox have been completed, and the results are even better than estimated. Launched in August 2014, the Exceed  is a 3 MW and up product platform with the

Romax InSight supports Eurus Energy America with the biggest gearbox re-engineering and refurbishment project

Romax Technology, an independent gearbox designer and provider of software and services for predictive maintenance, has announced it will be supporting Eurus Energy America (EEA) with its largest ever gearbox re-engineering and refurbishment project, across two EEA sites. The project, at Combine Hills II in Oregon and Bull Creek Wind in Texas, is to carry

2015 Innovators: Founders of Gearbox Express

Brian Halverson, Bruce Neumiller, and Brian Hastings Gearboxes have been a headache for the wind industry ever since turbines passed the 1-MW size over a decage ago. If that was not bad enough, the root cause of many problems eluded engineers until recently. While the industry wrestled with the problem, the only solution it knew

Romax partnership with Inox hits 500th gearbox order

Romax, the design and engineering specialist, continues to demonstrate its commitment to maximizing sustainable energy yields across the wind energy industry. In partnership with Romax, wind turbine manufacturer Inox Wind has crossed its 500th order for its Romax-designed 2-MW turbine gearbox. Wind power in India, where Inox is based, now accounts for almost 10% of installed

Moventas teams up with gearbox expert, Zanini Renk, and enters Brazilian wind O&M market

Moventas has entered the Brazilian wind O&M market by teaming up with industrial gearbox expert Zanini Renk, who will become a Moventas authorized service partner. With drivetrain experience that’s unparalleled in the area, the two will offer comprehensive wind O&M services in Brazil. Moventas and Zanini Renk raise the standard of Brazilian O&M, as Zanini

Winergy offers more options for maintenance and service of wind-turbine gearboxes

From 15 to 18 September, Winergy will present new options for the maintenance and service of wind turbine gearboxes at the Husum Wind fair. The result: minimizing the risk for the operator and increasing the availability of wind turbines. Until now, when a bearing of the planet carrier in a gearbox needed replacing or servicing