On a gearbox exhibited on the Winergy stand, the company will also show how to replace the intermediate shaft of the cylindrical gear stage on a turbine.

Winergy offers more options for maintenance and service of wind-turbine gearboxes

From 15 to 18 September, Winergy will present new options for the maintenance and service of wind turbine gearboxes at the Husum Wind fair. The result: minimizing the risk for the operator and increasing the availability of wind turbines. Until now, when a bearing of the planet carrier in a gearbox needed replacing or servicing


Where are hydraulics used in a wind turbine?

The muscle that pitches wind-turbine blades can come from either a hydraulic or electric device on most turbines rated at and below 2.5 MW. But for turbines over 3 MW, the job of pitching blades more often falls to hydraulics. And hydraulics can handle more. “Hydraulics in wind turbines usually refers to the assemblies for


Turbine components: gears & gearboxes

How to ensure a reliable gearbox? Modern gearboxes provide greater reliability to the wind-energy industry thanks to design and operations improvements. These include better bearing selection, design process, manufacturing quality, transportation, lubrication systems and end-of-line testing. Reliability issues will never completely go away, but staying on top of issues can help reduce maintenance costs at


Moventas receives occupational health and safety certification

Moventas, a promoter of wind industry health and safety standards, has received an occupational health and safety certification for its field service. The company has had a documented occupational health and safety system since 2010, and received good feedback on health and safety management from customer audits. This year, Moventas sought for an independent OHSAS 18001 certification


Moventas receives AA credit rating

Moventas Gears Oy has received an AA (Good) credit rating from the Finnish independent credit rating party, Suomen Asiakastieto Oy, which now includes Moventas in Finland’s strongest tier. The classification is a sign of a positive credit rating and that Moventas, which ended its corporate restructuring program in January, has performed well. The financial restructuring of the Moventas company

To meet the requirements of OEMs, the lubricant specialists at Evonik have developed Formulation 8175 – NUFLUX™ technology, a synthetic wind turbine gear oil for use in a wide range of gearbox systems.

Evonik improves gearbox durability with synthetic gear oil

Lubricant specialist, Evonik, was at the American Wind Energy Association’s (AWEA) WINDPOWER 2015 Conference & Exhibition last week, addressing wind turbine gear oil equipment challenges with Formulation 8175, a synthetic wind turbine gear oil. “Evonik’s Formulation 8175 addresses many needs in the wind turbine market including durability, energy efficiency, and extended service life,” shared Aidan

Technology company ZF enters industrial gears market and strengthens its wind turbine gearbox business

ZF takes over Bosch Rexroth’s wind turbine gearbox business

ZF Friedrichshafen will take over Bosch Rexroth’s gearbox business, providing an entry into the industrial gear market and strengthening ZF’s position in the gearbox industry. The agreement was signed on May 13, 2015, but is still subject to the approval of the antitrust authorities. “Strengthening our non-automotive segment is an important objective of our long-term


Moventas extends gearbox expertise to tidal energy with Alstom Oceade

Moventas has been chosen as the sole gearbox development partner for Alstom to equip the raz Blanchard pilot tidal farm in Northern France. Moventas’ gearbox technology expertise will soon be harnessed in tidal energy for the first time. Alstom has been chosen to supply for a pilot tidal energy farm in raz Blanchard, and Alstom

Inside the nacelle of a wind turbine.

The past, present, and future of up-tower turbine repairs

Not too many years ago, working up-tower on a wind turbine was challenging if not impossible. Nacelles weren’t designed for easy access. If anything needed fixing inside, whether it was a high-speed shaft or an intermediate bearing, down came the gearbox. What Mark Eagle, General Manager of Moventas, remembers most about those early days in

Moventas is answering the growing demand for multi-brand expert wind drivetrain service in the midwestern U.S.

Moventas opens multi-brand gearbox service workshop in Minnesota

Moventas, one of the leading wind gear manufacturers and service providers, is expanding its network of high-quality wind gearbox service centers in North America by opening a service workshop in St Paul, Minnesota. With the addition of St Paul, Moventas is now within a day drive from nearly all of the installed North America fleet