Short gearbox life now steadily lengthening as technology matures

Two companies recently announced improvements to gearbox life that stretch their working life to much longer periods.

New CP66 nutrunner offers high durability and low maintenance

A wind turbine manufacturer needed to improve its build rate from five hubs per week to eight. This may sound simple, but each hub has 240 individual bolts. Increasing productivity by 60% with the nutrunner and without loss of accuracy and quality was a challenge.

Wood Group and Romax analyze turbine performance at Mexico wind farm

Wood Group’s clean energy business, previously known as SgurrEnergy, has provided an effective control solution to improve the performance of for EDF EN Mexico’s La Mata y La Ventosa wind farm located in Oaxaca, Mexico. The renewable energy and grid integration experts were appointed to investigate the performance of the 27 Clipper C89 wind turbines

Cloud-based iTITE assists with bolting procedures

Based on the material of the bolts, the bolting procedures of iTITE determines how much bolt stress can be generated.

Sika Corp introduces Sikamelt-9677 to the U.S. market

SikaMelt-9677 is available in two versions – a non-tint formula, which contains a UV fluorescing agent and also a tinted version, SikaMelt-9677 US RD, which incorporates a red dye in the formulation.

Wind Turbine Reliability: Why operators need a lubrication strategy based on balanced formulation

Proper lubrication is fundamental to equipment reliability, so implementing the right lubrication strategy can help deliver long-term results.

LeMond partners with Deakin University to increase production of low-cost carbon fiber

LeMond Composites has entered into a global, exclusive 20-year licensing agreement with Deakin University in Australia to commercialize their patent-pending manufacturing process to increase production of high-performance, low-cost carbon fiber. The licensed process will enable LeMond Composites to commercialize carbon-fiber production faster than anyone else currently in the marketplace. This means LeMond will deliver more of its low-cost carbon

Lovejoy provides drop-in replacement couplings for GE and Vestas turbines

The Lovejoy drop in replacement couplings for GE and Vestas wind turbines provide a bolted electrical-isolation joint that prevents eddy currents from damaging gearbox bearings.

Wind Blade Research Hub to support development of next-generation turbine blades

A £2.3million research partnership between the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and the University of Bristol could help unlock larger and more powerful wind turbines than ever before. Forming the Wind Blade Research Hub (WBRH), the five-year partnership has its sights set on building more efficient blades that harness more energy from the wind, which will

A better way to automatically lubricate wind-turbine bearings

Due to the demands of continuous operation, it is critical that the wind turbine bearings in the nacelle receive consistent and reliable lubrication.