Wind-driven aerators run better with Vesconite bearings

Vesconite says its bearings last up to 10x the life of bronze bushes, and they don’t swell so they work where nylon is unsuitable. May be the best material for dirty and poorly lubricated conditions.

Siemens celebrates milestone for new offshore wind-turbine manufacturing plant

Siemens celebrated the “topping out” ceremony for its new wind-turbine manufacturing facility in Cuxhaven, Germany. The structural steel uprights are now standing for the production building, which will offer 56,000 square meters of floor space. This new facility in northern Germany is one of Siemens‘ most important investment projects in recent years, with some EUR

A better way to check weld quality

Traditional weld quality inspection methods struggle with lighting issues, speed, and the harsh environments.

Collier Research releases rapid-optimization software for composite designs

NASA-born Collier Research, a leader in the field of aerospace composites and metals optimization for more than 20 years, has released HyperSizer Express, software that delivers the key capabilities of Collier’s high-end HyperSizer tool in a user-friendly package for composite engineers. “Not every designer or engineer working with composites needs all the options in the professional version

Altitec to field-test and install 3M Wind Vortex Generators

Global blade access, repair, and inspection specialist, Altitec, has been appointed official installation partner by the Renewable Energy Division at 3M, a global innovation company, to install its 3M Wind Vortex Generators. 3M Vortex Generators address aerodynamic issues common to most turbine blades and, in doing so, can increase a turbine’s annual energy production by between

Timken expands line of small-bore metric seals

The catalog is available online at and through the Timken catalog app at

Making short lived pitch bearing work longer

Let’s start with the function of a pitch bearing, which is to allow for variable pitch position of the turbine blade and to transmit blade loads into the hub.

New report: Lucrative opportunities exist in lubricant market for wind turbines

The split of lubricant consumption by region tracks the division of global installed capacity. China is the largest market for lubricants used in wind energy, accounting for 34% of total demand, followed closely by the United States with 21%. Germany and India account for an approximate share of 6% each. However, Germany’s demand is slightly

Custom bolts manufacturer Madden Bolt Corp debuts one-piece flow program for faster lead times

When priorities shift, project schedules change, or customers request rush delivery, Madden Bolt says its new flow program will enable the company to flexibly fulfill most rush orders for anchor bolts.

Real-time transformer moisture monitoring minimizes downtime

Vaisala, a global provider of environmental and industrial measurement, has emphasized the importance of continuous monitoring of moisture in transformer insulation oil. Continuous online monitoring will improve understanding of a phenomenon that contributes to the degradation of oil, increases the risk of catastrophic failure and, in the long-term, adds to maintenance costs. “Traditionally, industry understanding of