Siemens Gamesa to deliver new 8-MW offshore wind turbine

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, through its fully owned subsidiary Adwen France, plans to deliver its 8-MW offshore wind turbine, the D8, in two projects off the French coast. The two projects, Dieppe-Le Tréport and Yeu-Noirmoutier, will amount to a total of almost 1 GW. The direct-drive wind turbines will replace Adwen’s AD8 model following Siemens

Siemens Gamesa at Husum Wind: Hall 3, booth 3B12/14

Siemens Gamesa’s German installed wind fleet over the past years consists of more than 1,650 onshore wind turbines with a combined rating of more than 2,1 gigawatts (as of the end of June 2017).

GE unveils its largest onshore wind turbine yet

GE Renewable Energy unveiled its brand-new 4.8–158 onshore wind turbine, GE’s largest high-efficiency turbine to date. Featuring the largest rotor in the segment and innovative blade design, the 4.8-158 offers a significant improvement in Annual Energy Production (AEP), reducing the cost of energy for customers with low to medium wind speed sites. The new 4.8-MW

Netherlands based EJ-Projects licenses VABS for composite rotor blade simulation

AnalySwift, it develops composite blade analysis software, which enables an unprecedented combination of efficiency and accuracy, including multiphysics structural and micromechanics modeling.

“Smart” materials turn turbine connectors into sensors

By Benjamin Müller, Head of Industrial Anti-vibration Technology EFFBE GmbH It is no secret wind turbines must withstand harsh conditions, including fluctuations in temperature and humidity, and vibrations from changes in wind and rotor speeds. For the components that make up a turbine, such as the bearings, gearbox, brakes, and blades, durability and reliability are

CGE Energy completes one-tenth scale WIND-e20 turbine prototype

CGE Energy, Inc., an engineering company with no capital cost energy solutions, announced the completion of a one-tenth scale working demonstration unit of its WIND-e20 vertical-axis wind turbine. WIND-e20, an innovative vertical-axis wind turbine, designed for distributed onsite energy generation. At 105 feet in height, this patented technology hurdles many of the barriers that face traditional wind

EDPR and TRC launch new wind-turbine blade recycling program

The management of wind energy waste is a slow but growing concern in the industry. This waste does not yet stand at significant volumes as the wind business has only been developed fairly recently. However, to address the concern of managing this non-hazardous waste going forward, EDP Renewables, a global provider in the renewables’ sector and

What if you could you build a wind turbine for hurricane-speed winds?

If you’re a wind industry advocate, as soon as you hear talk of wind speeds, even hurricane wind speeds, you think wind turbines.

Vestas wins 100-MW turnkey order to further wind development in India

Leveraging Vestas’ extensive experience from more than 100 turnkey projects across the globe, the order includes delivery, installation, and commissioning of 50 V110-2.0-MW turbines, as well as the project’s civil and electrical works. The order follows the inauguration of Vestas’ blade factory in Gujarat and the 54-MW Periyapatti order earlier this year, adding to Vestas’

Nordex enters 4-MW class with its most powerful turbine to date

Nordex Group will introduce its latest development at the Husum Wind Fair this September, in the Delta platform: the Delta4000 series. The N149/4.0-4.5 wind turbine, which has been designed specifically for light-wind regions, has a 30% increase in rotor sweep and a variable power output of 4.0 to 4.5 MW. The N149/4.0-4.5 is currently the