About $88 billion in historical health and environmental benefits of wind and solar energy, says Nature Energy

A new study published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Energy focused on the environmental benefits of wind and solar energy in reducing air pollution emissions.

August 2017 Issue: Three Strikes and Your Turbine Is Out (And More!)

    Welcome to the 5,000-MW Club, Kansas There’s a new club in town, and another U.S. state has recently joined. The “5,000-Megawatt Club” has an exclusive membership of only five states so far. For entry, each one must officially exceed 5,000 MW of wind-generated capacity. The most recent honor goes to Kansas, which grabbed

June 2017 Issue: Suiting Up for Safety + More

    Consider these costs as you amble through life Most people don’t buy so much as bubble gum without asking, “How much does it cost?” So for your amusement I have assembled a list of costs arranged in an order that you may find entertaining. Hopefully, you’ll find the apples-to-oranges juxtapositions equally interesting. A

April 2017 Issue: Innovators & Influencers + More

    Mini lessons in leadership – 2017 At a leadership conference some years ago, we participated in an exercise to show the value of a group’s collective wisdom. That problem scenario had our group on a spaceship that had crash landed on the moon. The recovery site was some distance away. Which of the

February 2017 issue: Foundations that float + more

01 Editorial: What if the nation went wild for wind power? 44 Projects: Decommissioning Canada’s oldest wind farm 66 Cover Foundations that float   What if the nation went wild for wind power? By: Paul Dvorak Suppose our nation decided that as coal and nuclear-powered facilities reached the end of their useful life, they would

2017 Renewable Energy Handbook Wind: The technical resource for wind profitability

  A great time to invest in wind power   The saying goes that good things come in threes, and the wind industry has certainly delivered on a trio of positives this past year. For one, the industry started 2016 with a five-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC), which provides wind developers with

October 2016 issue: First Annual Offshore Issue

U.S. offshore wind industry officially launched. Now what? What’s the difference between a U.S. wind farm and one in Europe? This may sound like the lead-in to a joke, but the question is serious and comes from a wind-industry veteran at a recent AWEA event. The answer: Everything! In Europe, a land-based wind farm often

September 2016 issue: A Better Way To Inspect Turbines & Transmission + more

01 Editorial: More darn-near impossible grand challenges for the wind industry 06 Windwatch: Research in Minnesota, MAKE Consulting looks ahead, Better blades ready for refits, Meet the wind tech 26 Retrofits New ideas for upgrading communication networks   The next 10 darn-near impossible grand challenges for the wind industry   The idea of grand challenges

June 2016 issue: New ideas to boost production, AEP up 5% + more

02 Editorial: Wind energy inspires present and future generations 08 Windwatch: A chilling story of blade abuse, What to do with extra towers, Journal bearings in a planetary stage, Ask a wind tech, Wind work around North America 42 How small data from material science accurately predicts failure rates and more Decades of experience with

April 2016 issue: Innovators & influencers issue, WINDPOWER 2016 + more

02 EDITORIAL Why can’t some utilities just work with the wind industry? 08 WINDWATCH Preview of WINDPOWER 2016 in New Orleans, Wikov gears, Guard for leading-edge erosion, Making construction, sustainable work, Ask a wind tech, Windwork around North America 40 INTERNET OF THINGS Talking with turbines through the Internet of Things   Why can’t Ohio