Penn State aims to advance renewables through energy storage & microgrid training

A unique partnership between Penn State and industry members is working to advance solar and wind energy through energy storage and microgrid systems education and training. The Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAM-TAC) program is part of the GridSTAR Center, a smart grid education and research center at Penn State at The Navy

Ingeteam surpasses 40 GW of installed wind-power capacity

Ingeteam, an independent supplier of electrical conversion equipment, has announced that it surpassed the milestone of 40 GW of installed wind-power capacity worldwide thanks to record sales of its converter product lines. This significant achievement underpins the growth the company experienced in its core markets, with an addition of an impressive 10 GW globally in just

American Wind Energy Association U.S. Wind Industry Third Quarter 2017 Market Report

It’s a new day for the wind industry. From the Third quarter report: Several utilities have announced plans to develop and own 3,040 MW of wind capacity during the third quarter, contributing to a total of 8,840 MW in utility announcements made since the beginning of 2016.

Plug-in EVs: Future market conditions and adoption rates

Editor’s note: The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a new report, “Plug-in electric vehicles: future market conditions and adoption rates,” which looks at the long-term international outlook for electric vehicles. Melissa Lynes, Ph.D., discusses some of the results and market developments in this article. She is an Industry Economist on the Transportation team in the

Axial flux generator ready to take weight and problems out of nacelles

Inventor and Magnax founder Peter Leijnen say his axial flux 100-kW prototype weights about 850 kg, which is significantly less than a traditional direct-drive generator that typically weighs 4,000 kg or more.

Honeywell introduces first “connected ready” electrical safety gloves

Honeywell announced that it has launched the industry’s first “connected ready” electrical safety gloves, which use embedded tracking technology developed by Honeywell to ensure gloves are always properly tested and certified before workers use them for the most hazardous of electrical work. Honeywell’s new Electriflex safety gloves include an optional embedded RFID tag, allowing utilities to help ensure the

E-chains add reliability and uptime for power and signals on long-reach moving jobs

The products, e-chains from igus, consists of an enclosure that secures from a few cables up to 10 and more.

Going digital: A look at the modern substation

By Steven A. Kunsman, Director of Product Management & Applications ABB |   A utility-scale wind farm must be accompanied by a substation or two. Equipment in the substation transforms voltage and governs the interface to the transmission grid. The substation plays a critical role and essentially acts as the motherboard of the power

Clever and adaptable igus energy chain (cable protection) cuts 80% off install times

The E4.1L from motion plastics specialist igus is said to be the lightest cable-carrying e-chain on the market.

DNV GL opens world’s first ultra-high voltage testing facility for super grid components

DNV GL, the world’s largest resource of independent energy experts and certification body, officially opened its expanded and upgraded KEMA High-Power Laboratory (HPL). Following a 70 million Euro investment, the newly extended test lab is the world’s first – and currently only – facility capable of testing ultra-high voltage (UHV) electrical grid components. The new lab