ABB launches new microgrid system to boost use of renewables

ABB announced a modular and scalable plug-and-play microgrid solution to address the globally growing demand for flexible technology in the developing market for distributed power generation. The cost-efficient, containerized system is designed for mature and emerging countries, and can help maximize the use of renewable energy sources while reducing dependence on fossil fuels used by generator sets.

ABB’s innovative technology with the PowerStore Battery and the dedicated Microgrid Plus control system as well as cloud-based remote service can not only provide power access to remote areas, but also secure cost-efficient uninterrupted power supply to communities and industries during both planned and unplanned power outages from the main grid supply.

ABB’s Microgrid Plus control system with PowerStore Battery, and Cloud-based remote service can provide power access to remote areas and secure cost-efficient uninterrupted power supply to communities and industries during power outages.

ABB’s Microgrid Plus System is a specially-designed networked control system. It is key for coordinating the operation of hybrid power stations and successfully stabilizing and integrating renewables into microgrids.

The unit manages the energy flow within a power network to ensure there is enough spinning reserve, step load capability, and balance between supply and demand in the power grid. It also optimizes the average use of renewable energy, even when sources are intermittent.

Now all the equipment required to run a microgrid – including Microgrid Plus, ABB’s power converter, dedicated control system, and battery storage – has been integrated into a container for faster, easier, and safer deployment.

The customer can choose to configure the microgrid to integrate energy from solar, wind, main grid, or diesel generator supply, based on the application and local conditions. ABB’s modular microgrid is compact and has four pre-designed variants in the range of 50 to 4,600 kW.

The standard integrated functionalities include grid-connected and off-grid operation with seamless transition. It is a containerized solution designed for easy transportation, fast installation, and onsite commissioning. Operations and maintenance is enabled via a Cloud-based remote service system.

“Our modular, standardized and scalable microgrid solution will provide cost-efficient access to reliable power for rural and urban applications,” said Claudio Facchin, President of ABB’s Power Grids division. “It exemplifies ABB’s continued commitment to innovation and reducing environmental impact by enhancing the integration of renewable energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil-fuels, all key elements of ABB’s Next Level strategy.”

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