How might flywheels impact the transmission grid and renewables?

Since the invention of the potter’s wheel, flywheels have helped smooth the flow of energy in machines. Over time, more modern devices have found their way into some buses, trains, cranes, and automobiles, typically in the form of regenerative braking. In these cases otherwise wasted energy, say from a vehicle decelerating or stopping, is captured

Renewables continue to break records and (good news) there’s room for improvement

Today, countries across the globe rely less on fossil fuels and are continuing to focus on powering the world through clean energy from renewables.

Project update: How the wind industry is protecting bats

Mark you calendars. April 17, 2017 is National Bat Appreciation Day. It is a date worth noting because bats are worthy of recognition. They are the only mammals that can truly fly (not glide), with a remarkable ability to navigate using echolocation. Perhaps of most significance to humans, bats keep the bug population in check by

Monster deep water offshore floating wind turbines are the new horizon for renewable energy

The deep water floating offshore wind farms will meet the public’s preference for out sight out of mind WTGs located away from commercial fishing areas and will reinforce the U.S. Grid without requiring new long-distance transmission lines.

Blame taxes, not renewable energy, for high power costs in Germany

Everything below the Grid fee is a tax and it totals to 15.826 € cents.

NGO WindAid reports on its year in Peru

It was certainly a busy year, with more volunteers and interns than ever before: 59, from 21 countries. They built and repaired 17 turbines that together provide energy to an estimated 260 people.

The power behind the Super Bowl

If you’re reading this, chances are you work in the power industry. But when you flip on the first light in the morning or brew your coffee, chances are the electricity that powers those devices isn’t top of mind. That power is a privilege most of us in North America take for granted. Nevertheless, electricity

The future of electricity

We all need the same thing—affordable, sustainable, reliable power, and the demand is growing. The future of electricity is here.

What a Trump presidency means for offshore wind

States have always and will continue, even under this new Administration, to lead on climate change and renewable energy – the federal government can not repeal State Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) or any State renewable or offshore wind legislation.

Five reasons to question campaign rhetoric about wind power

We’ve rounded up the top 5 facts that can better inform all candidates about the reality of this popular, homegrown source of electricity.