Stunning shots of the world’s wind farms

In preparation for Global Wind Day (June 15) the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) is holding a contest for wind farm photos. Photos will be accepted until May 6. Here are some of the imaginative submissions.

Adelino Oliveira 0002 300x199

-Adelino Oliveira









By Nuno Serrão from Funchal Portugal

-Nuno Serrão, from Funchal, Portugal









By Ricardo Alba Valmorisco from Madrid Spain

-Ricardo Alba Valmorisco, from Madrid, Spain









By Robert Moynagh from Sackville Canada

-Robert Moynagh, from Sackville, Canada









Lecoeur pascal 01 300x200

-Lecoeur Pascal









Diamantakis George 03 199x300

-Diamantakis George


  1. I wish I could! That’s the biggest I’ve seen on their site.

  2. Mike Barnard says:

    Beautiful, but please make them click through to bigger sizes!


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