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AeroTorque roots have been in managing torque in extreme machines in a wide variety of industries for 35 years. Their sister company, PT Tech, has products that can be found in many of the toughest equipment in the world, from computer controlled clutches for diesel engine drives in rock crushers to brakes and clutches in mining operations and tunnel boring. Our approach is to bring innovation to the drivetrain by improving the entire system rather than just working on a symptom. We work to improve the overall performance by increasing the productivity, availability, reliability and safety of the equipment.

The data is in: The WindTC reduces damage to your gearbox!

Hard stops are more common than you may think. The following data plots show a fairly common fault code in a modern 1.6MW turbine. The loads are more significant than previously understood:

Torque trace on a stock 1.6MW turbine:

  • Forward loading oscillations have significant magnitude and frequency and will likely lead to fatigue in drive components.
  • Torque reversal at the end is an impact load on suddenly loaded and likely misaligned rollers, potentially a root cause of white etch damage.

With WindTC installed:

  • By reducing the energy stored in the drivetrain, the peak to peak loading is reduced dramatically.

    The most damaging load on the stopped shaft is eliminated entirely.

A difference you can see!

  • Overlaid, you can see how the excessive loading is damped, significantly reducing damage. In hard stops, these loads are significantly higher without asymmetric protection.
  • These loads occur every time your turbine sees a hard stop. Each of these events could cause a root cause failure in your turbine’s components.

Only the WindTC from AeroTorque offers this level of protection from transient loads in your turbine! Control torque loads, control turbine life!

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