EAPC Wind Energy

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Wind Energy Assessment

From wind prospecting and preliminary assessments to comprehensive “bankable” reports, we use a variety of sophisticated computer tools to perform wind resource and energy assessments, including windPRO, WAsP, and WAsP CFD. We have experience in all types of terrain, from simple to complex.

Wind Measurement Services

We sell and install wind measurement systems. Our highly professional crews, operating from offices in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States, have installed, commissioned and serviced hundreds of met masts over the course of the last two decades. Our tower configuration and commissioning documentation is among the most comprehensive in the industry. We provide data collection, monitoring and reporting services to many of our clients. We also rent and service SODAR units.

Wind Farm Design

Relying on wind data and the results of geographic, environmental and infrastructure studies, we identify the optimal location for a wind farm, and then use powerful modeling software and years of industry experience to optimally site the individual wind turbines to maximize energy output and minimize the wind loading on the turbine components.

Software Sales and Training

EAPC is the sole North and South American (excluding Mexico and Brazil) sales and support agent for windPRO,
the world’s most comprehensive software package for the design and planning of wind farm projects. The windPRO software tool is recognized and used by all leading turbine manufacturers, developers, engineering companies, environmental consultants, utilities as well as local planning authorities worldwide. Our expert consultants regularly conduct windPRO training workshops throughout North and South America.

EAPC Wind Energy provides engineering and consulting services for wind farm development throughout North and South America. We help developers achieve their financial goals by providing intelligent wind farm design, accurate energy assessments, and bankable reports. EAPC Wind Energy provides energy assessment and feasibility studies, development consulting, contract negotiation and review, technical due diligence, financial and economic analysis, balance of plant design and engineering, strategy consulting, wind measurement services, and windPRO software sales and support. windPRO is the world’s most comprehensive software package for wind farm project planning and design. EAPC regularly conducts windPRO training workshops across North and South America.

EAPC Wind Energy
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