Leadership in wind energy: 2016

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The year has just begun, but 2016 has a lot to live up to in terms of wind power if it is to grow and trump last year’s accomplishments. The U.S. wind industry installed 5,001 MW during the fourth quarter of 2015 alone — that’s more installations than in all of 2014. Overall, 8,598 MW of wind power were installed in 2015, which is a 77% increase over 2014, according to data from the American Wind Energy Association.

Fortunately, the industry has gained tax support, which is bound to give 2016 a healthy start. Late last year, Congress granted a five-year extension of the federal Production Tax Credit that should serve to bolster new deals and wind-power installations.

Legislation and incentives are important stepping-stones for an industry’s success. But year-after-year growth is only possible with the right leadership. Today’s renewable-energy companies are perhaps more innovative and technically advanced than ever before. With wind towers now reaching over 300 meters tall and blades over 50 meters long, quality engineering is essential. And in this digital age, so are predictive wind-farm analytics, remote system monitoring, and cost-efficient O&M services.

To keep wind power flowing successfully, we at Windpower Engineering & Development know it is important to recognize the leaders that continue to push the industry forward. In the pages that follow, you’ll see the accomplishments of fellow engineers and companies in a range of categories. Your vote for one or more the companies listed will be recorded on our website through November 2016. Winners will be recognized in the final issue of the year.