LogiLube trials new big data analytic solutions for wind turbines

The technology will be applied to three wind turbine drivetrains at Rocky Mountain Power’s 99-MW High Plains Wind Project which is located on both sides of the Albany and Carbon county border near McFadden, Wyoming.

Sage Oil Vac’s new NextLube monitor system makes dispensing and changing fluid as easy as a push of a few buttons

Overall, Sage Oil Vac says, NextLube simplifies tasks and reduces the learning curve for new operators and increases safety benefits on the job.

Starfire Zephyrus gear lube costs less, outperforms PAO-based options in DIN test

All STARFIRE lubricants meet or exceed manufacturer requirements.

Online transformer monitoring needed to meet Asia’s rapid spread of rural electrification

Vaisala, a global provider of environmental and industrial measurement, has highlighted how continuous online transformer monitoring will play a key role in the future maintenance and servicing of transformer fleets across Asia, as electrification and reliable grid access spreads to the continent’s rural population. Faced with increasing demand for access to electricity, especially in rural

Fluitec launches new turbine oil with 10 year performance guarantee

Fluitec International (http://www.fluitec.com) announced that they have released Infinity Fluids’ new turbine oil product that is the first of its kind on the market: Infinity TO 32 and Infinity TO 46.

New report shows growth for industrial lubricants expected to remain stable

A new report, Opportunities in Lubricants: North American Market Analysis (Industrial Oils and Fluids), by global market research and management consulting firm Kline, shows that overall U.S. consumption of industrial oils and fluids is an estimated 1,200 to 1,300 million gallon industry. Process oil is the leading product category, accounting for slightly less than half

Wind Turbine Reliability: Why operators need a lubrication strategy based on balanced formulation

Proper lubrication is fundamental to equipment reliability, so implementing the right lubrication strategy can help deliver long-term results.

A better way to automatically lubricate wind-turbine bearings

Due to the demands of continuous operation, it is critical that the wind turbine bearings in the nacelle receive consistent and reliable lubrication.

ExxonMobil launches new educational video series “The Grease Experts”

Operators often associate their industrial grease with a specific color, but does color have anything to do with grease performance?

DNV GL intros a promising new concept for wind-powered water injection

DNV GL has proposed a concept called WIN WIN to better match floating wind-turbine technology with the oil industry’s need for water injection to maximize oil recovery. WIN WIN, which stands for WINd- powered Water INjection, comprises a floating turbine that supplies power to a water injection process. It is a fully stand-alone system that