Make Consulting’s offers a 2017 Wind Turbine O&M list

MAKE’s 2017 Global Wind Turbine O&M Report is a 70+ page report containing over 140 charts, tables and graphs providing an in-depth analysis of global wind power services market and strategies.

Full range of Timken deep-groove ball bearings now available

Timken deep groove ball bearings follow ISO standards and are dimensionally interchangeable with competitor products. Designed to deliver optimal performance and long life.

The effect of wind turbine gearbox maintenance on present and future designs

The costs for maintenance and replacement of gearboxes, along with the costs caused by production losses due to non-functioning gearboxes, constitute a large share of the expenses of operating wind power plants.

Aging U.S. wind fleet driving surge in O&M spending, says IHS

The North American wind energy market is aging. The majority of installed wind-turbine equipment averages more than five years in age, and operations and maintenance (O&M) expenses cost the industry $3 billion to $4 billion annually, according to a new benchmarking study by IHS Markit, a global provider of critical information, analytics, and solutions. IHS Markit

Sereema tests innovative Windfit software on Global Tech I wind farm

Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms in the world. Set in the North Sea, 140 km from its logistic base in Emden, the farm stretches over 41 km2. 80 turbines are aligned to nominally produce 5 MW, for a total capacity of 400 MW. 445000 households should be powered up

Sage Oil Vac’s new NextLube monitor system makes dispensing and changing fluid as easy as a push of a few buttons

Overall, Sage Oil Vac says, NextLube simplifies tasks and reduces the learning curve for new operators and increases safety benefits on the job.

Are those bolts tight enough? Hydratight’s ultrasonic bolt load measuring device tells

The BoltScope Ultra is a handheld device that monitors and displays elongation, stress and load on fasteners. It can support any application where the accuracy of bolt load requirements is highly critical.

How the Kay Wind project won the award, Wind Farm Team of the Year

In 2016, Kay Wind the team went further and staged a mock up-tower rescue, complete with a simulated helicopter evacuation and landing zone training.

Vattenfall to repower Dutch wind farm

Vattenfall has decided to invest more than EUR 200 million to repower and expand its Wieringermeer onshore wind farm in the Netherlands – the largest wind investment to date for Vattenfall in the Netherlands. The company will replace older wind turbines with updated technology for a capacity of 180 MW by 2019. Moreover, Vattenfall has

GE’s Avitas Systems partners with Kraken to advance subsea robotic inspections

Kraken Robotics announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Kraken Robotic Systems has entered a strategic partnership with Avitas Systems, a GE Venture. The companies will integrate Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), acoustic and laser sensor technology, and artificial intelligence-based navigation software into unique subsea inspection solutions for the offshore renewable energy and shipping industries. “Integrating our technologies with Avitas Systems