eTa Blades earns the Design Assessment Certification from DNV – GL for the innovative eTa4x wind blade

The company has kicked off series production of its more efficient blade developed for the re-blading of the V47 and G47 turbines. The blade was conceived to provide wind turbines a life extension and performance improvement

ETa Blades has successfully performed in-house, under the sup vision of the DNV – GL, all the tests required for the achievement of the Conformity Statement for the Design Assessment of the eTa4X blade.

The eTa4X – specifically developed for the re-blading of the Vestas V47 and Gamesa G47s, are adaptable to other models.

The eTa4X – specifically developed for the re-blading of the Vestas V47 and Gamesa G47 but adaptable to other models – adopts the most advanced design and manufacturing techniques, such as new aero-elastic concepts on innovative aero-dynamic profiles, and new materials originally unavailable or not used for the manufacturing of wind blades. These features let the eTa4X deliver a net AEP increase of 20%+ on average, when f compared to the original OEM blades, reducing loads on the turbine thus becoming a life-extension enabler, with no additional noise emissions (field test performed in 2016).

The series production of the eTa4X has already been kicked off at the eTa Blades production facility in Fano, Italy, equipped with the most advanced features, among which: a 5 axes Milling Machine for moldings for blades up to 45m, paint cabin for all finishing / specific finishing cycles respecting all HSE requirements, Kuka robot for T-Bolts, root machining up to 3m diameter.

Italy-based eTa Blades, a leader in wind blade design, development, and manufacturing, has invested in the concept of reblading since 2011, anticipating the increasing market need for tools and solutions providing for wind turbine Life Extension and Performance Improvement. For this purpose, eTa Blades will launch WindGainHub, a network of Independent Technology and Service Providers aiming at maximising Wind-Farmers’ IRRs through the optimal combination of  Life-Extension, Power Production Upgrades, Long-Term Tailored Maintenance, Damage Mitigation Upgrades.

DNV – GL Conformity Statement, eta4x data and new video available here:

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