Siemens intros 2 MW, natural-gas powered generators

Siemens has launched a gas engine E-series with a power output of two megawatts.

Low-voltage switching and protection strategies for wind turbines

The electrical protection, control systems, and protection strategies that are so critical to keeping wind turbines running safely present conflicting requirements related to conversion efficiency, production continuity, and more.

Edge Wind announces that NREL tests show conformal vortex generator increases production 22.2%

NREL reported a 22.2% increase in KWH production from the CVG and the Tab relative to a conventional leading edge taped blade along with a 20.9% increase for the CVG alone.

Xtreme Manufacturing showcases 20,000 lb Telehandler at AWEA Windpower 2017

Xtreme Manufacturing and Snorkel will introduce their products to the wind energy industry at the annual AWEA Windpower Show, taking place in Anaheim, California from May 23rd to 25th, 2017.

GE’s repower program adds value to U.S. wind industry

GE Renewable Energy has announced at the AWEA Windpower Conference that it has repowered 300 wind turbines, the equivalent of adding 75 wind turbines worth of output. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has estimated that the U.S. repowering market could grow to $25 billion by 2030. With the largest installed base in the US, GE is

Leeward Renewable Energy extends service agreements for five U.S. wind projects

Renewable company, Diamond WTG Engineering & Services, Inc. (a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., and Leeward Renewable Energy), announced that Leeward has extended for 10 years Diamond’s Maintenance & Service Agreements (MSAs) for five of their wind energy projects in the U.S. The combined capacity of these renewable energy assets totals 564-MW, and the projects spread

Arc angel, arc flash prevention measure increases safety

Arc-flash temperatures can reach 20,000ºC and the energy and shrapnel produced in the arc blast can cause death, injury and serious damage.

ExxonMobil launches new educational video series “The Grease Experts”

Operators often associate their industrial grease with a specific color, but does color have anything to do with grease performance?

Obstruction lighting during wind farm construction

Ensure your wind turbines comply with federal obstruction lighting regulations by adhering to these three FAA requirements for lighting wind farm construction sites.

GE supports power grids of the future with Europe’s First MVDC link

GE’s Power Conversion ac-to-dc mvdc converters will be located at a 33-kV substation in Bangor and at a similar substation on the Isle of Anglesey.