Sereema tests innovative Windfit software on Global Tech I wind farm

Global Tech I is one of the first offshore wind farms in the world. Set in the North Sea, 140 km from its logistic base in Emden, the farm stretches over 41 km2. 80 turbines are aligned to nominally produce 5 MW, for a total capacity of 400 MW. 445000 households should be powered up

How the Kay Wind project won the award, Wind Farm Team of the Year

In 2016, Kay Wind the team went further and staged a mock up-tower rescue, complete with a simulated helicopter evacuation and landing zone training.

Honeywell introduces first “connected ready” electrical safety gloves

Honeywell announced that it has launched the industry’s first “connected ready” electrical safety gloves, which use embedded tracking technology developed by Honeywell to ensure gloves are always properly tested and certified before workers use them for the most hazardous of electrical work. Honeywell’s new Electriflex safety gloves include an optional embedded RFID tag, allowing utilities to help ensure the

MAKE issues new guidance for repowering wind turbines in the U.S.

  MAKE’s initial guidance on 80/20 repowering was only to count nacelle swaps for new unit builds, driven pre-dominantly by the need to capture a change in turbine OEM branding for those sites. Over the course of the past nine months, repowering activity has accelerated, with many turbine OEMs dedicating substantial resources to this effort.

Epson to demo augmented reality glasses for a more effective drone inspection

The company will be showcasing its third-generation Moverio augmented reality (AR), essentially a wearable video screen.

Clever and adaptable igus energy chain (cable protection) cuts 80% off install times

The E4.1L from motion plastics specialist igus is said to be the lightest cable-carrying e-chain on the market.

Antaira launches industrial compact unmanaged gigabit PoE+ switches

Antaira Technologies is a global leading developer and manufacturer of industrial networking devices and communication solutions for harsh environment applications and is proud to announce the expansion of its industrial networking infrastructure family with the introduction of the LNP-C500G series. As Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology has become popular, there are now many devices that are PoE

How to measure voltage without test leads

The T6 takes a measurement of voltage without voltage flowing through the meter. Instead, the Fluke instrument, such as the T6-1000, senses an electrical field in the open fork to make the measurement, a safer method.

ProfEC Ventus launches online “One-Stop Wind Shop” for sensors & measurement systems

ProfEC Ventus has launched an online shop for wind measurement systems, wind met masts, and its accredited services. The “One-Stop Wind Shop” is the only one of its kind, which is operated by an accredited Measuring Institute and Test Laboratory with its own, accredited Calibration Laboratory. The offer ranges from individual sensors to fully calibrated, certified

Hot trends: 6 top benefits of infrared monitoring

Incorporating thermal infrared monitoring into your facility’s routine allows for increased proactive maintenance, less downtime, safe and more productive employees.