L-com Debuts 4G/LTE Mobile booster kit

L-com’s HAKIT-72150-M01 4G/LTE mobile booster kit is an ideal solution to meet today’s ever-increasing need for consistent cellular connectivity for mobile devices.

Hytorc ICE bolting system sports built-in auto release, prevents lockups

With its innovative design, the tool is able to release pressure after bolting for quick movement from nut to nut, improving operator efficiency and safety. It is also the only hydraulic bolting system that allows positioning without constraints from hoses and reaction members.

Hytorc offers on-site mobile service repair, calibration, and more

On–site calibration and repair eliminates down time in production and maintenance environments, and prevents the loss of tools in transit, says HYTORC.

Brass Knuckle’s new impact and slip-resistant glove offers ANSI level 4 cut resistance with a comfortable fit

Brass Knuckle safety products introduces the SmartShell BKCR4599, a heavy-duty glove that provides wide-range protection for extreme jobs. The BKCR4599 is a category jumper that offers strong cut resistance, light oil and moisture resistance, non-tacky slip resistance, and shock-absorbing impact protection — all in an easy-wearing glove that defies comfort expectations. Providing a broad spectrum of protection, the BKCR4599 is

Senate agrees to move forward on energy-policy bill

Upgraded transmission line and distribution infrastructure, part of the energy-policy bill, coupled with implementation of smart grid technology will improve the reliability, efficiency, and security of the nation’s electricity infrastructure.

Study: $1.5 billion in annual net benefits to California consumers with a Western electricity market

$1.5 billion in annual net benefits to California ratepayers, cleaner air, and the creation of thousands of California jobs are possible by expanding California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to gain the market efficiencies of a larger geographic footprint and more diverse energy supply, including low-cost wind power. These benefits for California’s economy and environment are

Final regulations for small drones and insurance implications

The Federal Aviation Administration recently released its final rule for small drones, which will become effective in late August of 2016.

Think calibrations to keep bolting tools accurate

The objective for calibrating a torque tool is to ensure that it applies the torque the tool indicates it is applying.

Vestas secures orders for 162 MW of wind power in the U.S.

Vestas, a top-rated turbine supplier, has received two firm and unconditional orders, totaling 162 MW of V110-2.0 MW turbines for projects in the United States. For one of the orders, some of the turbines will be delivered in the 2.2-MW power optimized mode. Vestas and the customer, yet unnamed, have decided to use the flexibility of

Siemens to supply 141 turbines for wind-power plant in New Mexico and Texas

Siemens has contracted with Pattern Energy Group LP to deliver, install, and service a total of141 wind turbines for the Broadview Wind project. Broadview Wind combines two adjacent projects in New Mexico and Texas with a total installed capacity of 324 MW. Siemens’ installation of its 2.3-MW onshore turbines is scheduled to begin this month,