Safety-related digital output enables response in less than 1 ms

the SCT202 module is ideally equipped to implement the complex task of safety speed monitoring in wind turbines.

What features should you consider when choosing filters for a wind turbine?

In the wind industry, simple logistics places importance on a well-planned operations and maintenance strategy. The geographic location, weather conditions, and height of most wind turbines make even the most basic gearbox or hydraulic repairs a daunting and costly task. For that reason, filtration is critical in wind turbines. Gears and bearings ride on a

Handy particle counters for versatile on-site analysis

Particle counter manufacturer Pamas says its equipment can count particles online and offline, without pressure or under high pressure, and in the laboratory or in the field.

What are the new ideas in condition monitoring for wind turbines?

Routine wind-turbine maintenance once required a wind technician to suit up and climb up-tower just to inspect what components might need upkeep or repair. Today, wind farms can offer owners a whole new way to approach operations and maintenance, thanks to condition monitoring and advanced prognostic systems. Condition monitoring is an O&M tool that helps

Taking the first steps toward condition based maintenance

Many utilities are making the transition to a condition based maintenance strategy.

GTI unveils upgraded wired iPad vibration analyzing system

GTI Predictive Technology headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire is proud to announce a new version of our classic wired iPad Vibration Analyzer is now available.

Canada wind fleet data shows CMS hikes output by 2.5%

TransAlta, Canada’s largest wind operator, estimates condition monitoring systems (CMS) have increased its Annual Energy Production (AEP) by 2.5% .

Gram & Juhl open an office in Germany

Gram & Juhl A/S started a department in North America last year, now it is time to start up in Germany.

Lighthouse Global is official Texas component supplier for HEIDENHAIN

Lighthouse Global Energy has partnered with HEIDENHAIN Corp. to become an official Texas distributor of HEIDENHAIN equipment components. With an in-house engineering department, as well as a full line of manufacturing and machining capabilities, Lighthouse Global Energy specializes in repair and manufacturing solutions for wind energy. For example, the company offers the Leine & Linde-brand

TNEI and Visualwind unveil smart noise-monitoring equipment for wind farms

Specialist energy consultancy, TNEI, has joined forces with expert technology provider, Visualwind, to develop an innovative noise-monitoring solution. The WindComply Noise Module will be used exclusively by TNEI to provide smart-monitoring services. The self-powered modules automatically transfer noise, rain, and battery health data to the wind-farm supervision platform, WindSync for storage and analysis by TNEI’s team