Bachmann Electronic: Good results for 2016 thanks to customers’ high investment in the digital revolution

With €68.3 million, the bachmann turnover was only just below the previous record of 70.4 million.

The world’s lightest 3D ultrasonic wind-speed anemometer

Syncroness and Anemoment have jointly developed a miniature, lightweight, high-accuracy wind speed and directional anemometer. TriSonica Mini is a 3D ultrasonic anemometer that’s ideal for mobile applications and small spaces, particularly in the meteorology and unmanned vehicles (UAV) markets. Syncroness specializes in providing systems integration and data collection software for customers that desire a custom application

Neoen picks the Qantum O&M platform for 315-MW Australian wind farm

Neoen, a renewable project developer and owner, has chosen QOS Energy’s innovative O&M management platform to monitor the performance of the 315-MW Hornsdale wind project. The wind farm is being built in three stages, two of which have already been completed. Neoen has deployed Qantum, the IEC compliant energy management SaaS powered by QOS Energy, to monitor

New radar scanner tests turbine blades for defects

To increase the efficiency and reliability of wind turbines, Fraunhofer IAF has developed a material scanner for checking the quality of rotor blades. Using radar-based technology, defects in the material composition of the wind turbine blades can be detected in even greater detail. Identifying defects in composite plastics The rotors, which are usually equipped with

Hear that clicking? Sonic analysis may soon listen for tell-tale noises in nacelles

A condition-monitoring firm from Israel has devised a system that listens for ultrasonic noise from rotating machinery, such as that in a wind turbine nacelle. It processes the signals using self-teaching algorithms and notifies maintenance when something needs attention.

Valeco Group selects Sereema’s Windfit system to monitor its new wind farm

Digital solution provider, Sereema, is providing its Windfit system to optimize Valeco Group’s new wind farm. Since February 2017, the 7 Enercon E-70 wind turbines installed in Cap Espigne have been equipped with a Sereema Windfit box. “As an operator, it is essential for the Valeco Group to optimize a wind farm as soon as it is put

Internet of things brings new capability to condition monitoring

The internet of things takes a big step beyond condition monitoring and lets machines swap actionable information, such as wind forecasts and power demand.

Opto 22 partners with IBM Watson IoT, could lead to more profitable wind farms

Industrial automation manufacturer and Internet of Things application toolset provider Opto 22 announces acceptance into the IBM Watson IoT Partner Ecosystem.

Lessons learned lead to new ideas in gearbox bearings

By Michelle Froese, Senior Editor Windpower Engineering & Development Gearboxes have long taken blame as the typical cause for a wind-turbine failure, and for good reason. Many gearboxes fail to pass the five-year mark without need for component repairs or full replacement. But when the wind industry first got its start, few considered the high

SgurrEnergy introduces UAVs to suite of inspection services

SgurrEnergy, part of Wood Group’s clean energy business, has introduced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to its existing inspection service offering after extensive testing and obtaining the Civil Aviation Authority‘s Permission for Aerial Work. The renewable energy and grid integration consultancy’s UAVs or drones are equipped with a variety of camera options to provide an accurate