10 companies chosen as 2017 New Energy Pioneers at 10th annual Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) is pleased to announce its selection of the 2017 New Energy Pioneers – game-changing innovators that are revolutionizing the energy sector.

A few tips for installing concrete sleeve anchors

When installing concrete sleeve anchors, there are several tips recognized by those in the industry that strengthen the safety of the installation with a savings in time and costs.

GTI Predictive Tech unwraps app to find natural frequency of mechanical systems

Determining the natural frequency of a mechanical system with a Bump Test is a controlled measurement.

Chinook Wind and V-Bar merge to provide renewable engineering & optimization services

V-Bar, LLC and Chinook Wind, LLC have announced an agreement to merge. Dedicated to delivering next-generation innovation in wind and solar energy, the firm offers project-lifetime resource assessment, optimization, testing, and engineering services to landowners, project developers, owner, operators, and investors. The merger brings together two globally experienced teams of atmospheric scientists, data analysts, and engineers who

Think polymer solutions when faced with erosion, corrosion, and abrasion

Harsh weather and abusive environments are constantly working to lower a wind turbine’s output. To counter them, polymeric repair materials are ready to reverse the corrosion effects of nature.

The world’s lightest 3D ultrasonic wind-speed anemometer

Syncroness and Anemoment have jointly developed a miniature, lightweight, high-accuracy wind speed and directional anemometer. TriSonica Mini is a 3D ultrasonic anemometer that’s ideal for mobile applications and small spaces, particularly in the meteorology and unmanned vehicles (UAV) markets. Syncroness specializes in providing systems integration and data collection software for customers that desire a custom application

A better way to use the data captured by UAVs

Instead of big data, actionable intelligence is the preferred result of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or drone wind turbine inspections.

Natural Power named ‘Most Exciting Industry Newcomer’ at Wind O&M Dallas 2017

Natural Power has been crowned as the ‘Most Exciting Industry Newcomer’ at the Wind O&M Dallas 2017 awards this month. The award is designed to reward the efforts of the newest companies in the North American wind O&M supply chain, and shine a spotlight on their instant successes and impact on the market − particularly if

Neoen picks the Qantum O&M platform for 315-MW Australian wind farm

Neoen, a renewable project developer and owner, has chosen QOS Energy’s innovative O&M management platform to monitor the performance of the 315-MW Hornsdale wind project. The wind farm is being built in three stages, two of which have already been completed. Neoen has deployed Qantum, the IEC compliant energy management SaaS powered by QOS Energy, to monitor

New radar scanner tests turbine blades for defects

To increase the efficiency and reliability of wind turbines, Fraunhofer IAF has developed a material scanner for checking the quality of rotor blades. Using radar-based technology, defects in the material composition of the wind turbine blades can be detected in even greater detail. Identifying defects in composite plastics The rotors, which are usually equipped with