Cloud-based iTITE assists with bolting procedures

Based on the material of the bolts, the bolting procedures of iTITE determines how much bolt stress can be generated.

Gearbox Express School teaches gearbox repair

Gearbox Training school is a two-day, hands-on training course taught by top gearbox repair technicians, designers, and consulting engineers. July 11 and 12, 2017

Sika Corp introduces Sikamelt-9677 to the U.S. market

SikaMelt-9677 is available in two versions – a non-tint formula, which contains a UV fluorescing agent and also a tinted version, SikaMelt-9677 US RD, which incorporates a red dye in the formulation.

End-of-warranty guide for wind turbines

Asset owners highlighted the need for robust end-of-warranty handover processes at the 3rd Annual Wind Optimization & Maintenance Canada conference in Toronto.

Wind Turbine Reliability: Why operators need a lubrication strategy based on balanced formulation

Proper lubrication is fundamental to equipment reliability, so implementing the right lubrication strategy can help deliver long-term results.

Bronto Skylifts improve safety for wind turbine maintenance

Bronto Skylifts offer a wide selection of high-reach truck-mounted aerial work platforms for wind turbine blade and tower inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning needs.

DTU’s new research lab to develop underwater robots for offshore wind industry

DTU will inaugurate a laboratory where researchers will complete a modular robot for use in offshore wind-turbine platforms. The robot will be used for inspection, and the long-term vision is that it will be able to carry out underwater repairs on foundations and rigs. “We have a vision of creating a modular robot that is

Lovejoy provides drop-in replacement couplings for GE and Vestas turbines

The Lovejoy drop in replacement couplings for GE and Vestas wind turbines provide a bolted electrical-isolation joint that prevents eddy currents from damaging gearbox bearings.

Global wind O&M market set to hit $27.4 billion by 2025

The global wind operations and maintenance (O&M) market is set to grow from just over $13.7 billion in 2016 to around $27.4 billion by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate of 8.0%, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company’s latest report states that the O&M of a wind farm is essential as it contributes

A better way to prevent power electronics from overheating in wind turbines

By Robert J. Marotta, Product Sales Manager Accumulator Cooler Division – Parker Hannifin One little discussed but important function of an efficient wind turbine is temperature control. The electronic equipment and circuits installed in a turbine must operate reliably in spite of temperature fluctuations over its lifetime. An unexpected change, and particularly a rise in