CAISO expects It may need to curtail up to 8,000 MW this Spring & up to 13,000 MW by 2024

President and Chief Executive Officer of the CAISO reported that because of the “bountiful hydro conditions expected this year and significant additional solar installations both in the form of central station and on rooftops” in California, the CAISO “expects to see significant excess energy production this coming spring.”

Danish company unwraps leading edge protection for turbine blades

PolyTech has begun production of leading edge protection products and will increase volume in step with the number of blade types introduced with LEP.

Turbines under water: Meet Renewable Devices Marine

Renewable Devices Marine Ltd has brought together world class innovation and a proven engineering track record in renewable energy product development

By 2020, renewable energy will be largest single source says IEA

The International Energy Agency projected that renewable energy will represent the largest single source of electricity growth by the end of the decade.

Offshore North Carolina: 9 companies qualified to bid in 7th competitive lease sale

As a result of the North Carolina analysis in the revised EA, BOEM issued a Finding of No Significant Impact, which concluded that reasonably foreseeable environmental effects associated with the issuance of commercial wind leases and related activities would not significantly impact the environment.

Report assesses potential offshore wind energy in California for locations, technology, and costs

This 84-page document analyzes possible offshore wind farm locations in the state of California are examined, reference areas and potential wind plant technologies are selected, and the Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) to 2030.

NRG and NFL powered the Super Bowl LI with clean, renewable energy

NRG Energy Inc. and its subsidiary Reliant, the premier retail electricity provider in Texas, have teamed up with the NFL to provide 100% Green-e certified renewable energy to NRG Stadium.

Efficient Drivetrains Inc. extends products with the EV & PHEV Vehicle Development Center

The company will continue to expand its portfolio of solutions: EDI PowerDrive line of EV and PHEV drivetrains, EDI PowerSuite Vehicle Control Software and Telematics, and more,

DOE tracks the changing face of the utility industry

A study from a task force of federal agencies, led by U.S. Department of Energy, provides a roadmap for federal energy policy objectives, legislative proposals to Congress, Executive actions, and potential research and development, financing and incentive programs for the utility industry and more.

Lazard annual report reveals steady decline in costs of clean energy technologies

The Lazard report emphasizes that despite the steady and increasing cost-competiveness of certain alternative technologies, advanced economies need diverse generation methods to provide baseload generation in the foreseeable future.