Younicos upgrades 3-MW battery-based storage & renewables system on Kodiak Island

Younicos has completed the installation and commissioning of an upgraded 3-MW battery-based energy storage system on Kodiak Island, Alaska. The energy storage pioneer replaced previously deployed lead-acid systems with advanced lithium-ion batteries, significantly extending the resource’s operational lifetime and enhancing performance and reliability. Since 2015, Kodiak Island has been one of only five U.S. cities to achieve

Penn State aims to advance renewables through energy storage & microgrid training

A unique partnership between Penn State and industry members is working to advance solar and wind energy through energy storage and microgrid systems education and training. The Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAM-TAC) program is part of the GridSTAR Center, a smart grid education and research center at Penn State at The Navy

Romeo Power Technology inaugurates the west coast’s first dedicated electric vehicle battery pack manufacturing facility

Romeo Power Technology’s new factory for making battery packs, is slated to produce 1-gigawatt hour by end of year and will quadruple capacity by 2018 to 4-gigawatt hours.

Will better batteries dim electric utilities’ prospects?

In the not-so-distant future—but well beyond the next 10 years—technological advances will make batteries smaller, cheaper, and smarter.

ESA maps new vision for energy storage in the U.S.: 35 GW by 2025

The Energy Storage Association (ESA) released its “35×25: A Vision for Energy Storage” white paper, which maps a clear and actionable pathway to reaching 35 gigawatts (GW) of new energy storage systems installed in the U.S. by 2025. Created in conjunction with Navigant Research, the white paper outlines the market drivers that are powering rapid

ESS Inc installs 50kW, 400kWh power storage at UC San Diego

ESS recently installed one of its 50kW/400kWh All-Iron Flow Energy Warehouses as part of this advanced microgrid.

How hydrogen empowers the energy transition

The Hydrogen Council envisions the transition from fossil fuels to a carbon-free economy this way.

KK Wind working on integrated wind turbine & battery storage project

Denmark-based KK Wind Solutions is developing a new modular battery storage solution for wind turbines. The project is in collaboration with Vestas, PowerCon, and the Aalborg University. The aim is to sustain more stable energy from wind turbines using integrated energy storage technology. According to KK Wind, the project will be based on a combination

Proton OnSite wins ~$1.8 million contract, assumes lead in U.S. advanced water splitting benchmarking project

This project with Proton OnSite is a critical piece of DOE’s HydroGEN Energy Materials Network (EMN) consortium, which was launched to accelerate the discovery and development of materials for low-cost hydrogen production.

Energy Department Announces $15 million for batteries and electrification to enable extreme fast charging

The Energy Department recently announced up to $15 million for research projects on batteries and vehicle electrification technologies to enable extreme fast charging.