Michigan Environmental Council commends passage of energy reform bills

The Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) praised state leaders for approving a comprehensive energy reform package that will continue the state’s transition to a clean-energy economy and reduce energy costs for families and businesses, while protecting public health and the environment.

“This is an important victory more than two years in the making,” said Chris Kolb, MEC President. “These bills are a vast improvement over earlier proposals and will keep Michigan’s energy policy moving in the right direction.”

The energy reform package has been in the works for two years, and includes approval of bills S.B.437 and S.B.438. The legislation will increase Michigan’s 10% Renewable Portfolio Standard mandate (which was achieved by the end of 2015) to 15% by the end of 2021. The legislation also includes provisions related to energy efficiency.

“This deal will save millions of dollars a year for Michigan residents by continuing to eliminate energy waste and increasing investments in wind and solar power, which are the cheapest ways to produce electricity,” continued Kolb. “We will continue our work with state regulators to ensure that these policies are implemented effectively to create jobs, bring new investment to Michigan, improve air quality and help limit the impacts of climate change.”

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