A few external gauges could prevent arc flash injuries

CG Power showed this gauge enclosure at the recent AWEA Windpower 2017 conference. The red numbers in the photo refer to a: 1 Liquid level gauge with optional contacts. 2. Pressure or vacuum gauge 3. Polycarbonate visible break-window for MV switch contacts 4. Temperature gauge with optional contacts 5. Lockable MV switch. 6. Terminal strip for customer connections. 7 Analog 4 to 20 mA output temperature sensor.

Arc flashes often occur when workers open high-voltage transformer cabinets to check the internal equipment. The potentially fatal discharge results from a low-impedance connection through the air to a ground or other voltage phase in an electrical system.

Engineers with medium and high-voltage equipment manufacturer GC Power and Industrial Solutions Limited have devised a simple solution to checking on the transformer. They fit step-up padmount transformers with several gauges that report on internal conditions and mount them in an easily accessible external cabinet. Previously, the gauges were inside the transformer’s enclosure which required opening the cabinet.

Market trends for safety and convenience have encouraged placing the gauges outside the main enclosure. CG Power says the gauges are custom accessories to its line of power transformers. Additional gauges and sensor readouts are available.  The accompanying photos provide an example.

The larger enclosure holds a high voltage inverter for a solar application.




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