The 7.5 MW test rig includes a static off-axis load applicator and will open this fall. A 100-ton capacity crane will load and unload equipment.

Facility to test 7.5 and 15-MW drivetrains

A $98 million facility capable of accelerated testing of turbine drivetrains of up to 15 MW will soon open its doors on what used to be a U.S. Navy shipyard in North Charleston, S.C. The first test bay, and the first to open will be capable of handling drivetrains up to 7.5 MW. Located on

The 10 MW Britannia will come from Clipper Windpower.

Britannia breaks the 9 MW barrier

Getting 10-MW from a wind turbine will take a permanent-magnet generator with four independent sections, a gearbox lighter than those on smaller turbines, a 150-m diameter rotor, and more. A 10 MW offshore turbine is in the works that addresses the growing demand for reliable and efficient offshore wind energy. Over its lifetime, each Britannia

The planned 10 MW Seatitan will come from American Superconductor by way of its European firm.

A second U.S. firm plans 10 MW turbine

The cover story of the May 2010 Windpower Engineering provides some details for the Clipper Britannia, a 10 MW turbine the Carpinteria, Calif. company expects to launch about 2012. On the heels of that announcement comes news from a Mass.-based company, American Superconductor, and their plans for a 10 MW turbine. The company joins at