HYTORC unveils its first consumer tool, a lithium ion battery-powered torque gun

The LION-.25 is a lithium ion battery-powered torque gun, a powerful addition to HYTORC’s world-class lineup of bolting solutions. It’s lightweight and portable, with no attachments to hoses, cords or compressors. And, the technology is free of the loud noise and high vibrations that can lead to long-term health issues for users.

The 18-volt, 4.1 Ah torque gun is just 7 lb with battery and is for applications with bolts 3/8 to ¾-in. diameter and requiring 25 to 250 foot/pounds of torque. The product carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2,499.

HYTORC has long been associated with large, industrial bolting applications – such as nuclear power plants and wind turbines,” said HYTORC President Eric Junkers. “The company that brought the highest level of bolting technology to the assembly of the spire on the Freedom Tower is now offering a unique tool for smaller businesses and individual consumers. The LION-.25 is easy to use and will also save time, improve torque accuracy and raise the level of safety. This is a product not yet seen in the marketplace.”

Also referred to as ‘The LION Gun’, the tool is the world’s first affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording. The user simply needs to set the desired torque output on the LION’s display and pull the trigger to get fast, precise, repeatable torque without excessive noise or vibration. The rotation angle can also be programmed for simple torque and angle bolting. After tightening, the LION automatically releases for fast movement from nut to nut.

Once the bolting application is complete, the LION Gun can be connected to a PC or tablet to export the recorded data into an Excel-friendly format for reporting, storage or additional analysis.

“The alternatives can’t match the precision and ease of the LION Gun,” HYTORC Chief Operating Officer Jason Junkers said. “Impact guns are too inaccurate and manual clicker wrenches are too unwieldy. The speed of use creates a cost savings to the consumer that is unmatched with other products.”

The LION Gun is perfect for applications in the aerospace, agriculture, aviation, marine, military, railroad, transportation maintenance, turbine and utilities industries. With hundreds of available accessories, the LION Gun is the answer to the most challenging of bolting jobs.

The 18-volt, 4.1 amphere hour torque gun is just 7 pounds (with battery) and designed for applications with bolts 3/8-inch to ¾-inch in diameter and requiring 25-250 foot/pounds of torque. The product carries a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $2,499.

To learn more, visit www.hytorc.com/liongun

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